The Funnel Business Gameplan by Michael Killen


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The Funnel Business Gameplan by Michael Killen
The Funnel Business Gameplan with Michael Killen | 11.2 GB

Here’s What’s Included:
The Funnel Business Gameplan
The World’s First And Only Course On Running A Successful, Profitable Marketing Funnel Business.

Sell More Marketing Funnels To Your Customers
Find More Interested Customers And Leads For Your Business
Discover A Killer Niche And Make Profit With Every Sale

Course overview
Do you dream of being financially free? How about if you never had to worry about sales or money again?
Are you frustrated with the lack of results you’re seeing from your funnel business? I know how you feel.
You’ve spent thousands of dollars on plugins, software and tools.
You’ve bought courses on building funnels, landing pages and conversion optimisation.
But you still feel confused and anxious about how to find more customers and make more sales. It’s like you have this amazing, killer product but customer’s aren’t interested.
That’s exactly why this course exists and why it’s going to change your life.

What You’ll Get
Become a marketing funnel rockstar, with a profitable niche that attracts and converts leads into sales.

– Lesson One – Facts
– Why business fail and why yours will succeed
– What if there were universal laws that explained how ALL businesses can become successful? No matter what roadblocks and problems you face, you can succeed if you follow these laws of success.
– Lesson Two – Unique
– You will never turn a profit without direction
– Ships without a captain don’t get out of port. Captain’s without maps don’t get far. We’re going to become certain about the direction we’re going in our business. If we don’t know our vision, values and commit to a mindset our business will be directionless and never turn a profit.
– Lesson Three – Niche
– Create and domiante a profitable niche
– You’ll have a profitable, killer niche that you serve better than anyone else. What if you became #1 in your market overnight? You’ll be able to increase your prices, work on your choice of projects and attract more leads than ever.
– Lesson Four – Nail the plan
– Plan a business that is successful from day 1
– Your business should serve you. You’re going to create a funnel business that works around your hours and let’s you do the work that you enjoy. You don’t need a complicated business plan, just enough to know how many hours you’re putting in and how much you need to earn.
– Lesson Five – Earnings
– Decide how much you want to earn
– You’re going to decide – yes decide – how much you’re going to earn. It really is that simple. Easy to execute? Of course not. But we’re going to get you there. You’ll know exactly how much to charge for a marketing funnel and what everyone does WRONG with pricing.
– Lesson Six – Leverage
– Massively scale your income WITHOUT working more
– What if you could increase your income, grow your business AND still charge profitable prices without working any more hours? You’ll create leverage in your business through scalable products that deliver wonderful results to happy customers – all while you focus on other things.
– Lesson Seven – Sales
– Make a sale in under 30 days
– There is a system to attracting leads and generating sales. In fact you’ll be able to attract more leads than ever and close them with high profit margins WITHOUT cold calls or expensive advertising campaigns.

About Mike Killen
Mike is the world’s #1 expert on selling marketing funnels. He helps funnel builders increase their revenue, attract more clients and sell more funnels.
He’s the author of From Single To Scale and to date has helped over 3000 funnel builders sell marketing services to their customers.



The Funnel Business Gameplan by Michael Killen


The Funnel Business Gameplan by Michael Killen