The Future Filmmakers by Sandi & Jimi


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The Future Filmmakers by Sandi & Jimi
Sandi & Jimi – Future Filmmakers | 11.3 GB

If you are interested in creating videos and don’t know where to start or you have some experience and want to take it to the next level, this video course is for YOU! We have had a thriving film business for the past 11 years, we have worked with major corporations, celebrities and have filmed multiple million dollar weddings. We decided to take our years of experience and knowledge and turn it into a complete beginners film course.

For years we have been asked about how we film, what cameras do we use, how to edit, what software we use, etc. so we are now taking it online and giving you all of our secrets! Our youtube channel has also sparked a lot of interest in the way we tell stories so that is another huge aspect of this course, we want you to be able to tell a captivating story that will engage your audience or just make really cool videos where you can let your imagination run wild!

What You Get:
In this course, we will share with you our 11 years of video knowledge and experience to help you become better at storytelling, getting creative, what gear to get, how to edit faster and become a rockstar on youtube!

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What we cover:
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The Future Filmmakers by Sandi & Jimi