The React Bootcamp (2021)
The React Bootcamp (2021)
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The React Bootcamp (2021)


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The React Bootcamp (2021)
The React Bootcamp (2021) | 4.82 GB

What Will You Learn?
Learn everything you need to know in the modern React landscape.
After taking this bootcamp, you will be able to…

Build next-level fullstack apps with React + GraphQL
Effortlessly manage app state with React Context + Hooks
Master authentication best practices with React components
Add custom app features using React Hooks
Replace difficult state management libraries with Apollo Client
Securely authenticate users in your React apps
Upload media + image content with React + axios
Create and work with full-scale GraphQL APIs using Hasura + Apollo
Making impressive interfaces with React on all-sized devices
Build & deploy a mind-blowing clone of the official Instagram app from scratch
Still reading? ? This isn’t even HALF the skills you’ll learn…
Who Is This Course For?
This course was custom-made for ambitious developers, who:
Want to gain next-level React skills and rapidly increase their value as a developer .
Want to learn the complete process to make real-world React apps to create epic apps on their own.
Aren’t satisfied with the courses and tutorials out there (that don’t teach how to make something beyond a boring todo app).
Know HTML, CSS, and JS already, but want a truly exciting challenge to level-up their skills.
Want to learn all of the skills to become an effective React developer while having fun along the way.
This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to gain life-changing skills with React.
If you are looking to become a highly-skilled, highly-paid React developer, this course was MADE for you.





The React Bootcamp (2021)