The Royalty Accelerator with Matt Logan


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The Royalty Accelerator with Matt Logan
The Royalty Accelerator with Matt Logan | 2.93 GB

Unlock the simple (but smart) strategies and precise steps i’ve used, in order to create a truly passive income of over $2,300 p/m in just 8 months. I’ll show you exactly how to do the same, by designing and selling journals, colouring books, guest books, log books & more on Amazon. This was my passive income over the last 30 days (at the time of writing).

I truly believe that there is not a better online business you can start right now.

This is the most passive – no customers to deal with, no inventory to hold and no ongoing management once you’ve created your books (digital assets).
It’s also highly lucrative, with it being largely unknown to the masses – so shhh – keep this information between me and you.
There are no prior skills required – everything can be learned and is taught in this training series.
You can work wherever & whenever. In 2020, I’ll be spending months at a time in Bali, Thailand, Italy & beyond.

In this series of more than 35 videos, i’ll pull back the cover on my advanced book creation strategies. I’ll also give you my crucial keyword & description optimisation techniques. I’ll give you hacks, secrets & tutorials, with so much value packed into the course. This will enable you to straight away implement everything you’ll learn to go on and create a 4-Figure monthly (PROFIT!) business on Amazon in 4 months or less. Which other passive income streams allow you to predictably build to $1000 – p/m in such a short space of time? And then push on to $2000/$3000 p/m in the months that follow?

It doesn’t stop there though, once you take action & build up your book library – you’ll earn this passive income stream for years to come. Put in the work now, and you’ll be financially rewarded forever. Your books will stay on Amazon, in front of millions and millions of customers every day. We’re letting Amazon bring the customers to our product – so you don’t need any knowledge of SEO, Google Ads, FB ads or email marketing. Let Amazon do the marketing for us. Every single thing that you DO need to know is covered within this video training. At an incredibly low introductory price. How would you like $100 – every day, on autopilot?

If I were to show you the exact steps you need to take, to create the life of your dreams by generating a 4/5 figure passive income stream, where you earn money in your sleep and get direct deposits to your bank account every month – what would you do with it?

Quit your 9-5 job?
See the world and all of it’s wonders?
Eat at the best restaurants?
Use the extra income to support your family?
Start giving back to charities that have touched you and your family?
Make investments to secure your financial future and live a life of freedom?



The Royalty Accelerator with Matt Logan


The Royalty Accelerator with Matt Logan