The Secrets of Masterful Erotic Photography


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The Secrets of Masterful Erotic Photography
The Secrets of Masterful Erotic Photography | 12.2 GB

Class ONE – Renault Driver
In this class, instead of working with complicated studio light settings, you will learn how to make the natural mid-day harsh light work for you!

From this class, you’ll get the right ingredients for flawless outdoor storylines, where every little detail matters, and you’ll see why. And it all revolves around a tiny vintage Renault.

This class will inspire you in ways you did not imagine possible. Here is where you’ll find your ideas, plots, and concepts, ultimately leading you to become a master of your own craft.

Class TWO – Artist’s studio

Dubnitsky is best known for his unique storytelling ability. Like no other, the artist draws his followers into the mini erotic worlds that he creates for his subjects.

With the help of a beautiful model, you’ll learn all of David’s lighting secrets, including posing and composition techniques with minimal photography equipment.

This is an excellent class for all phtography levels and genres. It breaks down complex photo session concepts into simple to follow step-by-step components while maximizing your chances for high-end, artistic imagery

Class THREE – Corn Fields

If you’ve been waiting for a content-rich course on nude or Erotic photography, your wait is over.

We need to write here about posing..

David takes you outdoors, into the golden cornfields of Ukraine, where together with a lovely Eastern European young lady, he encourages you to adopt a more intense relationship with the scene.

Here you will learn how to use lighting and framing and how to incorporate various natural motifs such as the harvest and a midsummer day into sensual impressions of the photographs.


How to use available light to get movie-like pictures
Where to find beautiful models
The fastest way to 1 Million Instagram followers
How to use minimal equipment for maximum results
How to visualize your story
How to make the girl-next-door the new supermodel
Where to find a storyline for your images
Bring your images to life with unique and creative post-processing techniques.
How to develop your own style
How to select the best shot
How to do post-processing quickly
What equipment to use
And so much more.





The Secrets of Masterful Erotic Photography