The System by Todd
The System by Todd

The System by Todd


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The System by Todd
The System by Todd (2018) | 11.82 GB

My time-tested system for going out and talking to girls
What goes through my head every time I go out into the field: Starting with the approach and ending with her walking into my bedroom.
How to understand female psychology and what women want
A complete understanding of why women behave the way they do..
Multiply how attractive you are to women, both internally and externally.

Simple steps you can take to give yourself a couple extra points right out of the gate.
– The “Cheat-Code” method that gets me more sex and dates than I know what to do with
– The UNSPOKEN rules of attraction and dating
– Why only 3% of guys actually have game
– The politically incorrect truth: How anyone can learn game
– What the hottest women TRULY want
– The evolution of female emotions and how to read them
– Becoming the FANTASY
– The Value Vs. Comfort dynamic

– What is Alpha anyway?
– Mindsets of the modern alpha
– EASY fixes for looks and style
– Eliminating unattractive behaviors and mindsets
– Alpha Body Language and Vibe
– The exact 5-step structure for every interaction I have: From open to sex
– Approaching without anxiety
– The perfect approach and how to nail it
– Getting her full focus
– Successful Direct Vs. Indirect Openers
– Calibrating off the open
– Getting on her social radar almost every single time
– Overcoming rejections and “shit-tests”
– How to show your interest without being needy
– The problem with “Intent”
– Establishing the “Prize” dynamic
– How to create the adventure frame
– Injecting fun and sexuality into any conversation
– 5 techniques I use to flirt on command
– The secret to killing boring interactions
– The FOUR modes of escalation
– Escalation mistakes that kill most guys
– The calibrated strategy for getting her chasing
– Where to find the hottest girls in the day
– Anatomy of a solid Daygame number
– How to pull from Daygame
– How I run my night without burning out
– The George Clooney Method
– The low-energy approach to high-energy environments
– The social matrix of the club
– The A to Z blueprint for getting from “Hello” to sex
– Why women have sex
– How to NOT be creepy





The System by Todd