The Warrior She Wants with Aslen Claymore


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The Warrior She Wants with Aslen Claymore
Aslen Claymore – The Warrior She Wants | SIZE: 2,4 GB

Discover How To Awaken Your Dormant Masculinity
And Become The Strong-Minded WARRIOR That Women Fantasize About.
.So You Can Stir Deep, Uncontrollable Attraction In Women
Without Ever Acting Like A Jerk, Being Overly Aggressive
Or Feeling Like You Are Pretending To Be Someone Else.

Why You’ve Failed To Attract Women In The Past. Which Of These 5 Archetypes Describes YOU?
Want to know the REAL reason why you’re failing to attract and seduce the women YOU are attracted to?
Well, my friend.
It’s NOT that you’re ‘ugly’.
It’s NOT that you ‘don’t know what to say’.
And it’s definitely NOT that you don’t ‘drive a nice car’.
I’m sorry.
But I’m about to get really harsh on you.
THIS is why you’ve been REPELLING women – pick your poison.
The Lover
Your primary focus is instant gratification. satisfying immediate pleasure by whatever means you have access to. Because of this focus on feeling good right now, you find it incredibly difficult to stick with anything that is too difficult or painful-the foundation of discipline-and always quit when the going gets tough. You’re never honest with women you’re attracted to because you know that you lack the self-esteem to handle a rejection. The lack structure and direction in your life-path is a massive TURNOFF to women.
The Magician
You’re constantly missing out on life due to being stuck up in the ‘high ivory tower’ of your mind. always second-guessing yourself. analysing social situations.constantly wondering ‘what to say’. trying to ‘solve’ women. and a complete inability to be spontaneous and free around beautiful women.
The Wildman
You are the type of man that doesn’t think and just acts in whatever way is appropriate for the moment. you express your sexuality unashamedly and find being spontaneity natural and effortless. Without the social grace and care for the future that is typical amongst other archetypes, the Wildman is often too sexually intense, resulting in women being creeped out.
The Peacemaker
You’re a great listener. Your natural empathy means that you can always sense what someone wants to hear, and so always know what to do and say to make people like you. This results in a chameleon-like identity where you can shape-shift to whichever form suits the person you are interacting with. You may end up with multiple female friends, but unfortunately being liked has nothing to do with being desired.
The Trickster
Making women laugh is something you have never had trouble with. You are mischievous, playful and fun to be around. Women never know quite what you have up your sleeve. your conversations are never dull, but as I’m sure you’ve experienced, it’s not all fun and games in the clown house. you might feel that you exist slightly removed from reality in a playful space where things are never serious. Women soon tire of your inability to let the jokes go and connect with them in a real meaningful way, and you always seem to lose girls to men that you see as being more boring than you.
No matter what archetype you felt connected to.
The most sexually attractive masculine archetype is missing.
The Warrior is the most deeply craved aspect of masculinity, mostly because it is the most scarce in modern men.
Awakening your Warrior is EXACTLY what you’ll need to balance your inner world – and turn your weaknesses into strengths.
Because you see, the Warrior is the archetype of discipline, focus and achieving results.
Once the Warrior decides to do something, it is as good as done, since he will strive to complete this task no matter what suffering stands in his way.
This powerful energy means the Warrior achieves great things of life, achieving things others are too afraid or too lazy to even attempt.
This strong, incorruptible spirit is incredibly attractive to women, especially in a world filled with soft men that fall to their knees at the sign of the slightest hardship.
And when women notice that YOU are one of the few men who possess an awakened warrior.
They won’t be able to stop their deep, primal feeling of sexual attractions towards you.
It’s the law of nature my friend.
But you’ve got be able to EXPRESS your Inner Warrior if you want women to notice.
Here’s The Secret To Expressing The WARRIOR
The Warrior is expressed through conversation.
This is done through a variety of conversation techniques that any man can learn.
.and once you do, your interactions with women will NEVER be the same again!
Learning how to express The Warrior works just the same as learning a new language.
A whole new language that, once you learned, allows you to communicate without having to worry about being misunderstood.
And in this very same way, once you learn how to express The Warrior, it will merge into your natural expressions and you will never have to worry again about being attractive.
It will be a mechanism that you can simply turn on and off whenever you want.
And the best part?
You can start learning it today by following one of the most mind-bending courses I’ve ever created:
The Warrior She Wants
THE WARRIOR SHE WANTS Is Truly The Best Modern Approach To Female Attraction You Can Find
It’s the ultimate course for learning,mastering and embodying at your innermost core the seduction skill set required for the 21st-century man to achieve absolute female attraction.
This life-changing course is the product of nearly a decade of experimentation and research, culminating in the Red Knight Attraction model-the ultimate psychological blueprint for being sexually attractive to women-modelled using Carl Jung’s masculine archetypes.
After completing this course, your interactions with women will never be the same EVER again.





The Warrior She Wants with Aslen Claymore


The Warrior She Wants with Aslen Claymore