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Theta Kings – Rockwell Trading
Theta Kings – Rockwell Trading | 8,6 GB

Learn To Sell Premium Like A THETA KING
Premium Hunting
During this 3 day on-demand training we’ll outline exactly how we identify the options loaded with premium, ready to be sold.

Stacking The Deck
When selling options, you’re like ‘the house’ with the odds stacked in your favor. We’ll teach you where to find that edge to exploit.
Leveraging Time
When selling options, time is your friend. We’ll teach you how to use time to your advantage knowing the best expiration to choose.
Swing Trading Strategy
This strategy will not need to be monitored all day, in fact most of these trades will last a few days, up to a few weeks.
Sell Put Options Like A THETA KING
On-Demand Training
Here’s what’s included with this complete course:
– Theta Kings Strategy Session
– Live Trading Recordings
– Put Options Calculator
– Our Put Options Playbook
– Selling Put Options Checklist





Theta Kings – Rockwell Trading