Tim Bratz (Symbianize) – Commercial Real Estate Empire 3Day Bootcamp


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Tim Bratz (Symbianize) – Commercial Real Estate Empire 3Day Bootcamp
Tim Bratz (Symbianize) – Commercial Real Estate Empire 3Day Bootcamp | 20.7 GB

Now, Let Me Take You By The Hand To ACCELERATE Your Wealth & Cash Flow To Build Your Own Commercial Empire
Do You Want To Get Started In Multi-Family Real Estate To Make Immediate Cash Flow And Build Long Term Wealth?
If so, then let me show you how I’ve built my business to control over $145,000,000 in assets in the last 48 Months starting without any prior experience or connections.
My name is Tim Bratz, and I began my journey in real estate investing much like most investors. wholesaling rehabs, rentals, and turnkey properties..
It was faster money – but I quickly learned that wasn’t the way to creating wealth – and there was a better way.
Believe it or not, multi-family investing is an easier, safer, and way more profitable investing vehicle than flipping or holding single family houses.
After shifting my focus to commercial properties, in the last 48 months I’ve acquired over 3200+ units. giving me upfront tax-free cash, monthly residual cash flow, and built in equity, and long term appreciation.
Now, I did it the hard way, without books or courses, or mentors but eventually found success through trial and error.
However, today – you get the benefit of my time in the “school of hard knocks” to cut your learning curve dramatically and get results much faster!
If you want to truly accelerate your wealth and get big checks in the process, then.
Let Me Show You Exactly How I Find, Figure, Fund & Fill Apartments To Build A Fortune.
When it comes to multi-family investing, the deals are bigger – and so are the rewards.
That’s a fact.
.And if you follow my lead, you’ll soon know that it doesn’t take any more effort to get really big checks, monthly cash flow, and huge bumps to your net worth than flipping houses.
I’ll prove it to you personally.
When you do what I do.



Tim Bratz (Symbianize) – Commercial Real Estate Empire 3Day Bootcamp