Udemy – 12 weeks fitness program for beginners


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Udemy - 12 weeks fitness program for beginners
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Complete functional and effective fitness program that will take you from super beginner to intermediate

What you’ll learn:
learning the most effective way to build your body at the gym without needing a coach to help you.
Access to gym equipment
The program will be 5 days a week including strength training, we gonna hit every muscle group 2 times per week.
1- The first day from every week will be Push day; we gonna focus on this day on hypertrophy, meaning intermediate weights with relatively high reps.
2- The second day from every week will be Legs day (including Abs & cardio); Its focused on hypertrophy.
3- The third day from every week will be Pull day; Its focused on hypertrophy.
4- The forth day will be Rest day.
5- The fifth day will be Push day (including legs & Abs); this time it will be focused on strength, meaning heavy weights with relatively low reps. This method of training every muscles group 2/week , one time hypertrophy and the other time strength is scientifically proven its way superior for muscle growth than the traditional ways of training (training the muscle group 1/week only strength or only hypertrophy).
6- The sixth day will be Pull day (including legs & cardio); focused on strength.
7- The seventh day will be Rest day.
Every 4 weeks the program exercises will change to get harder and harder, the last 4 weeks will be intermediate level training.
No bullsh*t exercises that may look good on Instagram but they doesn’t really work . Its functional and effective program that I personally developed through years of experience helping my friends who wanted to get buff. Trial and error, allowed me to develop something that is directed at beginners. Check out the first day its completely free.
Have a nice day.
Who this course is for
Beginners who need a complete fitness program to guide them throw their journey