Udemy – BUY & HOLD How To Buy, Fix, Tenant, & Manage Rentals


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Udemy - BUY & HOLD How To Buy, Fix, Tenant, & Manage Rentals
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 46 lectures (5h 38m) | Size: 6.63 GB
Get Passive Income By Owning Rental Properties With BUY & HOLD Real Estate Investing!

What you’ll learn:
Learn if BUY & HOLD investing is REALLY the right move for you
Determine whether you should be investing remotely or locally
Gain confidence with negotiations, contracts, offers, escrow & closings
Practice exercises to understand cashflow, ROI, appreciation, and other key metrics
Understanding The Fair House Act to avoid 20k, 50k, or even 100k fines
Build a high-effective “Power Team”
Relationship insights for Realtor, Contractor, Property Manager, and other R.E. Pros
Learn where to find DEEPLY DISCOUNTED investment deals
Learn how to calculate the ROI of a rental opportunity
How to get your finances in order to get pre-approved for a loan
Learn about “house-hacking” and determine if it’s a good option for you
Using the B.R.R.R.R. strategy to build a portfolio of rental properties
Discover 8 different types of rental property financing loans
How to set up multiple exit strategies so you never get stuck
Minimize your risk while maximizing your returns
Download a copy of my “tried-and-true” Master Lease Agreement
A line-by-line walkthrough of the Master Lease Agreement
How to place the very best tenants to minimize vacancy
How to get through an eviction while minimizing losses
Gain insights on how to transform knowledge into actionable steps-to-success
This comprehensive course is suitable for all experience levels
No prior experience is required for taking this course
A positive, eager, “MAKE IT HAPPEN” attitude is highly beneficial
Learn how to own rental properties for passive income with this comprehensive Real Estate investing course!
BUY & HOLD will teach you step-by-step how to buy, fix, tenant and manage rental properties.
Allow me to start off by telling you what this course DOES NOT teach…
– How to create instant cash-flow with a never-heard-of, proprietary strategy!
– How to enjoy never-ending streams of “magical mailbox money” without lifting a finger!
– How to own problem-free rental property while avoiding dreaded “tenants & toilets” problems!
Nope… this IS NOT that kind of course!
Instead, this is a real-world class, taught by a real-world Landlord, that will ACTUALLY BENEFIT YOU in the real-world.
I’m not saying that money, lifestyle, & freedom aren’t real… but it’s going to take some WORK to get you there.
The good news is that I’ve already done the heavy-lifting, made the stupid mistakes, and perfected a streamlined process.
My intent is to transfer my knowledge & experience to you in a way that you can implement for measurable results.
I want you to have the simplest path to success, so I’m sharing the knowledge I’ve gained over 12 years of owning rentals.
Download and learn how to effectively use the Master Lease Agreement
Determine if cashflow or appreciation is more important for your investment strategy
Decide whether it’s best for you to invest in your local market or own rentals remotely
Learn how to build a team of capable Real Estate professionals to manage your rental projects
Learn how to perform effective due diligence on potential rental opportunities
Become a more confident and capable Real Estate Investor
Equip yourself with proven contracts and forms to buy houses and lease them to qualified tenants
Learn about the BRRRR strategy and how it can help you grow your rental portfolio in a repeatable manner
See ways to keep your tenants happy so that they stick around for a long time in your rental properties
Learn about dangerous legal pitfalls to avoid when placing tenants
See how you can buy rental property with an IRA using a 1031 Exchange
Access valuable outside resources that can help you run background checks on tenants
Learn how to build a great working relationship with a General Contractor
See what your options are for liquidating tenanted properties should you decide to sell
Learn how to maximize your chances at getting your offers accepted at the best prices possible
…and this is only scratching the surface of what you will learn in this comprehensive class!
– – – – – – The ultimate goal of this class is for YOU TO ACTUALLY OWN RENTAL PROPERTY – – – – – –
It all starts by enrolling in this course!
From there you’ll progress though a series of bite-sized lessons and exercises that encourage ACTION.
Each lesson will present you will a series of steps that you will complete to produce measurable results.
Are you ready to buy, rehab, tenant, and manage rental properties of your own?
Let’s make it happen.
I’ll see you in class!
Who this course is for
Anyone who is interested in owning rental properties
People who desire long-term, ongoing cashflow
Those who want to own rentals, but are unsure about how to move forward
Those who wish to help their families by building generational wealth
Investors looking to diversify, reduce risks, and hedge their assets
People seeking to improve their lives through financial freedom