Udemy – Docker training bootcamp A Practical way of learning-DevOps


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Udemy - Docker training bootcamp A Practical way of learning-DevOps
Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.5 GB | Duration: 4h 34m
Practical approach to learn docker from scratch. For beginners in DevOps

What you’ll learn
Beginner level introduction to Docker
Learn practical techniques for creating and deploying containers on Docker platform.
Build Docker images using Dockerfiles and containers with hands-on exercises
Manage Data in Docker
Manage Networking in Docker
Use Docker compose to create multi-container applications
Practical approach to learn Docker for the Absolute Beginner
Section 1: Introduction
Introduction about containers
Installation of Docker
Create a first container
Fetch container image from docker hub
Run a container in backgroup, interactive with tty terminal
Delete exited dockers using a single command
Get complete details of a running container
Check logs & stats of a running container
Port forwarding
exec, rename & restart the running container
Attach a container
Kill/stop, pause/unpause a container
Create, start, cp command
Export/Import Command in Docker
Create a image from running container
Pull a specific version image from Docker hub
Image history, inspect & remove image
Section 2: Dockerfile
Overview of Dockerfile, layered architecture
Create a centos 7 image using Dockerfile
Overview of LABEL, ENV & RUN Command
Overview of WORKDIR
Copy, add command with their differences
Create a user account with password using dockerfile
CMD Command
SSH to a container
Overview of EXPOSE Command
ENTRYPOINT in Dockerfile
Section 3: Manage Data in Docker
Overview of managing data in Docker
Create & attach a volume to a container
Delete volumes from the Docker host machine
Bind mounts
Section 4: Networking in Docker
Bridge networking
Run containers in custom created bridge networking
Enable communication between dockers belong to different bridge network
DNS enabled with custom bridge networking
Host networking
None networking
Connect one or more network to a running container
Create private docker registry
How to allow image in private registry for non-secure network
Section 5: Docker Compose
Overview of docker compose
Docker compose Installation
Create my first docker compose file
Create docker compose file in json language
Learn basic commands
docker-compose up
docker-compose down
docker-compose create
docker-compose start
docker-compose stop
docker-compose rm
docker-compose images
docker-compose ps
docker-compose pause
docker-compose unpause
docker-compose kill
docker-compose portport
docker-compose logs
docker-compose exec
docker-compose run
docker-compose scale
docker-compose top
Attach a volume & port mapping using docker compose
Build a custom image using docker compose
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