Udemy – Linux Fundamentals with Shaun James


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Udemy - Linux Fundamentals with Shaun James
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Learn how to be a Linux Systems Administrator.

What you’ll learn
Practical Linux System Administrator Fundamentals
Linux Terminal Commands
Bash Scripting
Systems Administration
Cron Jobs
Welcome to our Linux Fundamentals course for absolute beginners. Here you will learn the very best methods to getting started using and administrating Linux systems and servers. We will take you from a complete beginner to an advanced entry-level Linux systems administrator. We very much hope you enjoy our Linux Fundamentals course.
Linux is a great operating system in which its powerful nature powers the majority of the backbone of the internet. Your IoT devices, smartphones, tablets are powered by a version of Linux. Linux is ever emerging and has become very much more popular than it has in the past.
Linux powers most of the Internet’s most important servers and infrastructure. The demand for Linux Administration is at an all-time high in 2021.
Even if you have never used Linux before, I am going to show you how to get started with Linux, step-by-step. Have a look at the Course Syllabus to the right to see exactly what you can learn in this course.
Linux is Free and open-source software used globally. Become a Linux Systems Administrator today.
Course Overview
Course Overview – Learning Linux
History of Linux
The History of Linux
Why choose Linux?
What is a Linux Distribution and how to choose one to work with?
Understanding how Linux Works
Understanding How Linux Works
Getting Linux
Installing Ubuntu Linux
Installing CentOS 7
User Management: Create, Modify, Delete Users
Physically Reset a Lost Password
Configuring a New Install
Understanding The Linux File System
Linux File System Structure
Navigating the Linux File System and Locating Files
Understanding File and Directory Permissions.
Setting, Changing, Removing File Permissions
Creating, Deleting, and Editing files/folders
Exam: Understanding the Linux File System
Using the most Common Linux Management Commands
Common Networking Commands in Linux
Common File System Commands.
Common Media Management commands and tools
Common System Process Control Commands
Basic Bash Scripting
What is Bash Scripting?
Hello World! Our First Basic Bash Script
Automating Tasks and Jobs in Linux
Using Cron to schedule tasks and scripts.
Remote Administration
Using SSH to connect Securely to Remote Hosts
More filler text here because udemy requires over 200 words to actually publish a course.