Udemy – Stock Market For Beginners – Build your Foundation Right!


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Udemy - Stock Market For Beginners - Build your Foundation Right!
Created by Sushant Jain | Last updated 6/2021
Duration: 1h43m | 8 sections | 36 lectures | Video: 1280×720, 44 KHz | 868 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub

Learn the basics of stock market from an experienced trader and Investor.
What you’ll learn
What is a share/stock
What is a stock market?
Who are the major participants and intermediaries
The various categories of stocks available
What is a demat account and why is it needed?
Styles of Investing
Taxes Involved in Stock Market Investing
Corporate actions impacting the stocks.
Eagerness to become self dependent financially through investing in stock market.Basic English to understand the content delivered.Be able to practise what is taught through self study
If you are an absolute beginner and want to learn about stock market from someone ‘Whose Been there done That’ then this may be just the right course for you.
This course is specifically designed for beginners so that they can find all the relevant information in one place.
I have been actively trading and investing in the Indian Stock Market for the last 13 years and have been managing money professionally for over 3 years.
This course will be updated regularly so that learning never stops.
The course is a mix of Video and Text files so that you get maximum learning experience.
This course has been specifically designed for beginners / investors new to stock trading or investing in stock market and would like to make money work for them.
In a single course we cover:
· Introduction to the stock market and the ecosystem one will enter as an outsider.
· Practical advice on getting started in stock trading & investing
· Fundamental analysis (Financial Statement Analysis) for long term value investing in the stock market.
Why should I take this course?
Do you have questions like:
1. How do I start trading in the stock market?
2. What is share or stock?
3. What is a stock exchange?
4. I have less money, Should I trade in Futures & Options in the stock market?
5. How do I select a stock broker for my trading?
6. How much money should I invest in the stock market?
And many more.
Great! The first 3 sections in this course will give you complete description of all the things one needs to know before putting in his/her .money
Once you know which company you want to invest in, you need to know when to invest so that you can benefit most from rise in price of a stock.
These tools are not just applicable to stock trading or investing. In fact you can trade almost any financial asset class using these tools. Don’t believe us?
The course shall be updated with more videos and training material on going basis so that the content is ever fresh and the learning process never ends for you.
If you are new to stock market investing or stock trading this course will provide a major boost to your knowledge & give you the confidence to really kick start your investment journey to achieve financial freedom.
Who this course is for:Beginners willing to learn about Stock Market InvestingAnyone who wants to earn a side income from stock trading.College students.Salaried employees wanting to leverage the power of investing.Housewives