Udemy – VueJS 3 & Tailwindcss Landing Page edition


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Udemy - VueJS 3 & Tailwindcss Landing Page edition
Created by Guillaume Duhan | Last updated 7/2021
Duration: 1h56m | 1 section | 18 lectures | Video: 1280×720, 44 KHz | 1.121 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub

Learn to code a Landing Page with Vue 3 & Tailwindcss
What you’ll learn
Build a Landing Page with Vue
Learn best practices of Front-End development
Install Tailwindcss on a Vue project
Learn Tailwindcss, from basics to customisation
Transform a template into a real single-page-application
Organize a clean architecture for a Vue project
jаvascript basicsVue basics
Vue has become very popular the past years.nTailwindcss has also become a very popular CSSframework.nThis course will introduce you to Front-End development by combining these two amazing frameworks.
Welcome on VueJS 3 & Tailwindcss: Landing Page edition ! My name is Guillaume Duhan, Senior Front-End Developer freelance since 10years now. I am going to teach you in less than two hours how to create your first Landing Page with Vue & Tailwindcss.I will provide everything you need in order to start with Vue & Tailwindcss. I even designed a template for you: the Porsche Taycan’s landing page revisited by myself.
In short, you are going to learn to:
Install & configure Vue 3 with Vite & Tailwindcss,
Analyze a design,
Choose an architecture,
Organize your work,
Create views & components,
Use reactive data, props & methods,
Understand Vue context,
Completely integrate a design withTailwind,
Use classes, grids and responsive with Tailwind,
Build and deploy your project online,
Pixel-perfect discipline…