Unreal Engine C++ The Ultimate Shooter Course


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Unreal Engine C++ The Ultimate Shooter Course | 48.86 GB

Master Unreal Engine by Creating a Complete Shooter Game! 345+ Videos!
This is the most comprehensive Unreal Engine tutorial series on the internet. You will create a shooter game complete with AAA quality gameplay mechanics. Learn the theory behind the gameplay mechanics of shooter games, then implement them in this beautiful game project.

1. Introduction
2. Project Setup
3. Animations
4. Aiming and Crosshairs
5. The Weapon
6. Item Interpolation
7. Reloading
8. Advanced Movement
9. Ammo Pickups
10. Outline and Glow Effects
11. Multiple Weapon Types
12. Footsteps
13. Multiple Character Meshes
14. The Enemy Class
15. AI and Behavior Trees
16. Khaimera
17. Level Creation and Finishing the Game!
18. Source Code