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Write of Passage by David Perell
David Perell – Write of Passage | 9.61 GB

Accelerate Your Career by Writing Online
In Write of Passage, you will learn a step-by-step method for publishing quality content and distributing your ideas to your professional network, leading to unexpected opportunities and increased serendipity in your work and life.

Write Online.
Build Your Audience.
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– Follow The Netflix Principle
– Build a Note-Taking System
– Own Your Distribution
– Build Your Personal Monopoly

“Write of Passage kicked my writing into action while simultaneously upgrading my mindset about how to write and share work. It’s more than a class. It’s a community that can change your trajectory in life.”
– Kirsten C.
Write of Passage is for anyone who wants to.
Publish quality content on a consistent basis​
We’ll teach you a systematic approach to collecting insights and turning them into content on a consistent basis.

Create intellectual assets that grow in value over time
Your writing will grow into a body of work with a coherent purpose, not just a series of one-off posts.

Boost your influence in your field, organization or industry
We’ll show you how to build a reputation as the top authority in your field using evergreen content.

Build a following that brings you personal and professional opportunities
Your followers will help you find excellent opportunities, including jobs, projects, clients, and sales.

Connect directly with peers, colleagues, and leaders in your industry
We’ll show you how to use your writing as an introduction to the most interesting people in your industry.

Increase the serendipity and opportunity in 
your work and life
Create a life of more surprise, and excitement by harnessing the full potential of the internet.

Course Overview
You will learn a step-by-step method for publishing quality content and distributing your ideas to your professional network, leading to unexpected opportunities and increased serendipity in your work and life.

1. The Age of Leverage
Why should you write on the internet? Module 1 has your answer.
We’re living in the Age of Leverage, a time of unprecedented opportunity for creators. Good ideas can be shared at no marginal cost. Your work can spread around the globe while you sleep. It’s time to harness that potential.
After introducing the course, David shares how writing online opened new doors and widened his world. You’re then given an overview of each course module, including your Serendipity Vehicle and Personal Monopoly.

2. Make Your Serendipity Vehicle
Blogging isn’t dead. In fact, it’s just in its infancy.
Module 2 introduces you to the Seven Principles of Content Creation.
Your blog is a Serendipity Vehicle. The place where your distinct voice emerges through sharing and receiving feedback on your work. There are no quick promises. But consistent production will give you an edge for spreading ideas and connecting with others. David explains how he sparked an audience by applying these principles over time. He also reviews four common concerns about writing online.

3. Create Your Online Home
Put away your resume paper and fire up your new website.
Module 3 shows you the importance of your Start Here page, which is your resume, business card, and portfolio all wrapped into one. It’s the lobby of your online home, the first thing people will see when they “walk in.” David shares the keys to a stellar Start Here page, and gives strategies for narrowing your site’s focus. You’ll learn about the Paradox of Specificity, the internet’s power to match, and a philosophy for personal growth via writing.

4. Set Up Your Distribution System
“Email is the next big thing.”
Module 4 explains the underrated power of email distribution to share your ideas, stay connected with people, and receive feedback at scale.
Use your email newsletter to create a distribution channel that you own. A highlight reel for your best work that leads to new ideas, connections and opportunities. David then introduces his favorite concept in Write of Passage – the Content Triangle, a process for abundant content creation in the digital age.

5. Learn to Write Clearly & Persuasively
David uses Module 5 to take you behind the scenes of his writing process.
Using his article on cooperation as a case study, David demonstrates his process for outlining an article. You’ll see how he takes an article from casual conversation to finished product – outlining, source gathering, writing, refining, and sharing. You’ll see why modern pieces of writing aren’t merely written, but assembled. And you just might learn why people in New York City are so rude.

6. Connect with Anyone
Networking has flipped in the digital age. Module 6 gives you the new method for connecting with peers and thinkers you admire.
Put your writing to work as a beacon for finding and meeting interesting people. David shares the concept of a “third door” for building real relationships with industry leaders. He tells the story of his worst networking mistakes so you don’t repeat them. And you’ll hear about the importance of specificity and reciprocity when asking for a meeting. Also included: six guidelines for de-risking your cold email outreach.

7. Build Your Personal Monopoly
Ideas can travel faster and farther than ever before. But what do you want to launch into orbit?
Module 7 walks you through building your personal monopoly – a narrow area of expertise that emerges from your unique intersection of abilities. David reviews how to define and refine your personal monopoly. You’ll then learn how to use that specific knowledge to build a following and gain leverage, hearing several examples of distinct paths carved by online creators. Building off of principles from the previous modules, you’ll understand how to capitalize on the massive opportunities of the bi-directional media landscape.

Bonus module: Information Capture
Writing is so much more than putting words on the page.

Prolific writing can only happen when you write from abundance. New ideas are born from the experiences you have and the ideas you consume. But you need a system to organize facts, observations, and epiphanies.

In the Information Capture bonus module, David reviews how to find, save, organize, and retrieve high-quality information. He’ll share his method for structuring digital notes with Hot and Cold notebooks. With it, you’ll set up your own digital note-taking system, which you’ll add to throughout the course.

Your new information capture system will fuel a wealth of new ideas.

What Alumni Are Saying.

“The Write of Passage community are all in the same boat, so you get this incredible melting pot of ideas, and mélange of feedback that had an exponential effect on improving my writing.”
– Andrew Barry

“I’m writing more consistently – weekly at the moment. Before WOP, I published articles once a month. Stumbling across Write of Passage changed the game for me.”
– Dozie Anyaegbunam

“I put up a website and some preliminary blog posts in May and June. By July, strangers who found me on Twitter and visited my site had paid me for introductory life coaching sessions. Can’t argue with that.”
– Pamela Hobart

“The course helped revive the spark in my idea machine. It made me feel like I was personally growing again and less anxious about stagnation at work.”
– Salman Ansari


The Essential Course ⇓

– 7-module curriculum
– 16 live sessions
– 4 writing workshops
– Guided writing deliverables
– Access to student-only online forum
– Exclusive guest interviews
– Advanced tutorials
– Future updates to course content
– Lifetime access to future Write of Passage cohorts

The Premium Course ⇓

– *Lifetime Access to Future Write of Passage Cohorts*
– 7-module curriculum
– 16 live sessions
– 4 writing workshops
– Guided writing deliverables
– Access to student-only online forum
– Exclusive guest interviews
– Advanced tutorials
– Future updates to course content

What Alumni Are Saying.

“I always thought of writing as a solo pursuit, but now I see that there is so much more to the writing process that benefits from creative collaboration.”
– Jackie Williams

“After taking the course, you realize that there isn’t some black box that separates you and your favorite writers. You can achieve the same result if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.”
– Shanu Mathew

“When you share what you write, you create a magnet that attracts people who are thinking about the same things as you.”
– Packy McCormick






Write of Passage by David Perell