10 Steps to $100k with Lee Kenny


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10 Steps to $100k with Lee Kenny
10 Steps to $100k by Lee Kenny | 6.21 GB

Have you ever heard the phrase”it takes money to make money”?
Well let me tell you why this is categorically 100% wrong and designed to keep you broke!

For the past 2 years i have been working with some very clever individuals
These guys aren’t flashy or even that well known.but they are very wealthy
What intrigued me most was their ability to make money almost”at will” in a huge amount of different ways.
When we started discussing the”it Takes Money to Make Money”concept, the mood changed considerably. to say they disagreed, would be an understatement!
Rubbish..Bull****.. and a few other choice words were spoken by these otherwise mild-mannered 52 year-old gentleman.
For the next 3 hours they proceeded to drill me on the many (and i do mean many) ways they started from nothing and built up huge incomes
Each time i tried to pick a hole in their plans they showed me another way.
I’d say “Well it’s ok for you, you are an expert in real estate/gold/car,etc” They’d point to another method where they had zero experience
When i’d say “Well you have lots of spare time, most of our customers have full time jobs”, they’d show me something that neede only a small amount of time to get it done.
I was impressed
The thing that blew my mind though was when they showed me the?10 step formula
Starting with just and doubling that money each time.
Do the Math. Starting with
What would extra income this time next year do for you?
This is not a get rich quick thing! this is Not Gambling. there is not a single part of this system that even goes anywhere near casino or betting track!
Many of you have bought casino or sports betting programs from me in the past and while they are an amazing way to have fun and make extra cash it is not how most people accumulate wealth.
So last year i?worked out how to best to deliver this information to you without needing to sign up for my 1-2-1 coaching program which cost (and is sold out by the way.so no big pitch coming!)Over 150 thousands participated?with amazing results.
I’m thrilled to say we recorded every call, every month for 11 monts and you can now access them “netflix” style and watch them all 1 sitting if wish.
Remember this is not get rich quick
but if you are willing to invest time and a small amount of money
(gasp!)Yes, you need to have something to double.
Then i can take you there.
The great?news is that it will not cost you thousands of dollars
What’s the catch?
There is only 1?condition
This is a program that covered 11 months.
You must be prepared to give up a little time each week and month to follow the instructions required to succeed and earn that additional
Don’t worry, you dont wait 11 months to make money, this can pay for itself many times over very quickly
How much does it cost/
How much should a program cost that shows you how to make a
How much would you need to invest in the stock market to make this much?
Well forget all that baloney..
Thats right, today package would cost just a day to get guidance,expertise,help & mentoring to achieve if you were to spread it over ann 11 months period
I could compare this to the cost of coffee,lunch or any number of things but quite honestly.
If you can’t “risk” teh equivalent of less than?a/dollar a day?on your future,this is not for you
By the way dont see is risk.See it as investing..in yourself
Whats included?
-Full recordings every monthly call (they all last up to 3 hours each) Available 24/7
-Access to recording of the Q&A sessions
-You’ll have unlimited email support from myself & the team to guide you
-There is a private Facebook gruop for you to discuss your wins & support others
-Insight in to how multiple streams of incomes work in reality and how you can set them up
-No sales calls
-No “premium”membership levels
-No products or”stuff”to buy
Most importantly i’m going to show you how to double your way,step
I’ doing this to make a difference
Maybe when you’ve made your,you’ll think 1-2-1 training is great idea and we can work together.However i just get a kick out of helping people reach the next level
No hidden agenda
Sure,i get the training fee, but this is for my time,energy,expertise and staff to support you through the coures schedule.Good luck hiring a coach for this amount of money!
What if you want more than
An extra would change most”average”people for the better
But its not a huge amouut that is going to let you retire.
So yes, you can make more.but lets get you some wins on board first.






10 Steps to $100k with Lee Kenny