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70 Laws - Jason Capital
Jason Capital – 70 Laws
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Jason Capital has been an influential part of the seduction industry and coaching guys for almost 5 years. Since developing his “honest” style of picking up women from his own personal experiences, Jason continues to build upon his expertise and focusing on a great social and business life.

His well-established Jason Capital Dating business and popular daily newsletter are a result of his drive to keep delivering value in order to be successful. Jason is on a mission: Help more than 100,000 guys change their lives for the better – romantically, socially, and other otherwise.
Welcome to the inside.
You have just taken a huge step towards achieving Mastery with women and dating. Your next step now is to download the information, so simply by you listening to it, I can download it into your subconscious.
One final thing: This information can be used to control women sexually.
I strongly advise you to simply influence them and focus on enjoying your life.
You will still get all the sex, blowjobs and related sexual escapades you may currently desire, but trying to control others emotions and behaviors, while doable for a short while, always ends bad.
Instead focus on you and influencing YOUR OWN EMOTIONS, as revealed in these laws, and enjoy watching how others get sucked in to it and follow your lead anyways.
(Women may not always get sucked in at first. Some will just start sucking you off instead)
70 Laws – JC’s Personal Notes.pdf
70 Laws.png
Vol 2 – Laws 11-20.mp3
Vol 3 – Laws 21-30.mp3
Vol 6 – Laws 51-60.mp3
Vol 7 – Laws 61-70.mp3
Vol 4 – Laws 31-40.mp3
Vol 5 – Laws 41-50.mp3
Vol 1 – Laws 01-10.mp3
Hot Girls X-Files.mp4
Bonus – First Date Pvssy (9 Mp4 videos)



70 Laws - Jason Capital