Alex Social - Social Encrypted (UPDATE)
Alex Social – Social Encrypted (UPDATE)

Alex Social – Social Encrypted (UPDATE)


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Alex Social - Social Encrypted (UPDATE)
Alex Social – Social Encrypted (UPDATE) | 40.7 GB

“Alex teaches true natural game. True change that improves all aspects of your life.
Thanks Alex for all the things you do and the great products you come out with
I’m excited to check this one out!

Alex is probably the greatest social life instructor of today. I have read and watched a lot of other PUA material, but it wasn’t until I came across his old RSD YouTube videos then everything really started to click with me. After watching pretty much all his online YouTube videos, I knew I had to take a boot camp with him.
I emailed RSD a couple of times trying to figure out when Alex was going to be running a boot camp, finally after weeks someone from RSD got back to me and said Alex is no longer with RSD and he was pursuing another business. About a month later, I found out about 4WN. I was going to do a 4 day boot camp that costs about the same, here I get to spend 4 weeks with a legend. ”
Ryan A.
“Most coaches in the industry said it couldn’t be done. The myth is that you either are a natural or you weren’t and that it couldn’t be taught. Alex is proving everyone wrong.”
James H.

“TNI taught me what game is supposed to look and feel like. The 10 commandments of what interactions need and what they don’t need helped focus my attention and mindset. After practise and repetition it becomes how you naturally relate to people instead of always having a micro-managing agenda behind what you say and do.
I have gotten more value out of studying what Alex presents than any other material I’ve looked at. The other thing I really like is that TNI works best when you have truly pure intentions for the girl and for yourself.
Your experience is largely determined by a win-win mindset instead of a value-taking, dirty pleasure type mindset. You’ve got a client for life here, Alex.”
Chris R.

“At first it felt as though Alex’s game didn’t even exist. It’s Basically INVISIBLE. He just seemed like some guy having extreme amounts of fun and the girls just kinda wanted to hang on for the ride. Now as I see myself doing the same, it blows my mind completely.”
Matthew G.

“Alex TNI thank you for mentoring my 4 weeks. It was more than worth it! Started pursuing my life goals and meeting new and quality people every week. Cheers, hope to see you soon mate.”