Altium NEXUS 4.6.1 (Update 6) Build 21 (x64)


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Altium NEXUS 4.6.1 (Update 6) Build 21 (x64)
Altium NEXUS 4.6.1 (Update 6) Build 21 | 3.4 Gb

The software developer Altium is pleased to announce the availability of Altium NEXUS 4.6.1 (Update 6) Build 21. The latest version represents a better way to design by revitalizing long-standing functionality and improving the user experience as well as performance and stability.

Version 4.6.1 (Update 6) Build 21 – Date: 22 July 2021
36686 Net Color function changed the color of various nets, in addition to the selected net, in the SL1 Xilinx Spartan-IIE PQ208 example project.
38603 When quotes were used to concatenate parameters, the concatenation was interpreted incorrectly in the BOM for components located in the project hierarchy. (BC:12806)
39039 The tooltip was not displayed correctly when a NoERC was placed over crossed wires. (BC:13723)
43137 The Sheet Symbol special string parameter is not displayed correctly in the child sheet.
45036 Multiple differential pair rules were created targeting individual nets instead of a single rule.
45061 Columns are now displayed in alphabetical order in the Parameter Table Editor dialog. (BC:7302)
45340 A new project could not be created in a server.
45694 There are no component parameters in the generated PDF if ‘Schematic Prints’ is not set as the first to be generated. (BC:3707)
40616 Drill symbols did not appear in the PCB document for embedded board arrays. (BC:9896)
41415 Cavities are missing in 3D mode. (BC:15550)
42233 Rooms could not be selected if PCB primitives overlapped the rooms. (BC:7641)
42895 New loaded and modified layer color profiles are not saved on the PCB Editor – Layer Colors Preferences page after closing and reopening Altium NEXUS.
42896 The Board Outline Clearance design rule yielded a DRC violation with respect to Single Layer Keepout objects.
42897 The pad stack preview in the Properties panel does not update correctly.
42898 Design rule forms were inconsistent when accessed through the PCB Rules and Violations panel.
42907 Incorrect violations were displayed when using Back Drills.
43017 One endpoint of the Standard Dimension object could not be moved when placed between two Line objects. (BC:14269)
43307 The Tool Travel field was not populated after generating an NC Drill file. (BC:12805)
43741 Slow performance when accessing the File menu in a PCB library document after restarting Altium NEXUS.
44308 Tracks could not be selected if a Via was connected to a Plane Layer.
44607 Bikini coverlay polygons cannot be automatically added on certain flex stacks.
44946 Only the Length rule was displayed in the Properties panel when different values for the Length and Matched Length rules were selected. (BC:13214)
45025 Surface mount pads appeared rectangular when the “Rounded Rectangle” shape was used and viewed in 3D mode.
45066 Creating a new rectangle using the ‘Place Rectangle’ command with the mouse caused changes in dimensions. (BC:15977)
45090 When there was a not-fitted component on the top side, the mark of this component was shown on the bottom side in the PCB printout.
45135 The via stack type changed to Simple mode after the editing of middle layer parameters is undone.
45185 xSignals broke after updating components from libraries.
45195 When Extruded 3D models were on the bottom layer, they displayed inside the PCB in 3D mode.
45197 PCB component parameters from Embedded Board Arrays are now propagated in the Pick and Place Setup dialog. (BC:8387)
45202 Some generated STEP files excluded holes from pads placed on the board outline.
45220 Pad and via previews were displayed incorrectly. (BC:16101)
45222 Duplicates of existing mechanical layer pairs were created for some boards imported from Eagle.
45223 Keepout objects that were generated as copper caused a short-circuit to occur between polygon and track objects when exported from Ansys EDB.
45296 The Design Rule Check (DRC) would jump to the wrong location when a violation was clicked if the Magnify value was not maximal.
45327 The via stack configuration was incorrectly reset to defaults.
45355 Made several routing improvements.
45391 Some multi-line text could not be selected in the PCB.
45530 The layers in some generated NC Drill files were out of order.
45773 Rectangle size was decreased upon each copy and paste operation if the track width was less than 10mil.
43977 Added Clearance and Target tolerances in the Transmission Line Structure Table. (BC:11393)
44069 Mask options were incorrectly applied on the Board Realistic View. (BC:12501)
45175 Software crashed when adding a Draftsman document to a newly created project when signed into the Nexus Server.
45189 Removed unused zeroes for Width and Height in the Document Options mode of the Properties panel.
45235 Component body and designator objects were reenabled after using the Import Changes from PCB command. (BC:16174)
45278 Cross has been added to the Variants Display field. (BC:14198)
45393 Board outlines and holes were displayed underneath the component after the file was exported to PDF. (BC:13380)
45402 Draftsman Board Realistic View cropped any connectors that were on the edge of the board. (BC:13359)
45428 The Layer Stack Stable settings would return to default when a new Draftsman document was created from a template.
45463 Hexagon and flag shapes have been added to the Callout object to prevent conflicts with existing mechanical drawing standards (BC:13127)
45626 Added a Justification property to the Draftsman Bill of Materials, Transmission Line Table, Drill Table, Table, and Layer Stack Legend objects. (BC:6923)
45641 The Refresh button did not function after modifying a sheet template. (BC:14326)
45785 Symbol placement was not respected when placed as a hole center.
44296 Crash occurred when opening a schematic library document.
45311 The PCB Editor – Interactive Routing Preferences dialog has been adjusted to save space.
45417 After a DRC is created in a separate window, the system quickly and constantly switches from one window to the other.
45420 Error message appeared when a UNC formatted path was entered in the Document Path field in the System – Default Locations preferences dialog. (BC:16255)
45791 Error occurred when attempting to connect to Altium Concord Pro without an internet connection.
45911 Crash occurred in Outjob files when the print spooler server was stopped.
Data Management
43142 Making Projects Available Online with source files outside of a Project folder is now prevented.
45429 It was not possible to commit a new project into a SVN repository through version control. (BC:16127)
45451 Making Projects Available Online with source files outside of a Project folder is now prevented.
45464 New repository was incorrectly created rather than adding the project to version control.
45632 A generated ODB++ does not display vias when loaded in CST Suite software for 3D analysis simulation purposes.
45758 The Report Manager dialog did not inherit settings and data from the source BomDoc.
45808 When a footprint is edited, mechanical component layer pairs are duplicated.
45200 Centroids (Casm.pcf files) could not be imported from the CAM editor. (BC:3759)
45246 Component values with no entered units in the Comment field were not recognized.
45623 When exporting IPC-2581 components and pads that are located on the bottom layer, they are exported with the wrong orientation.
45317 Improved the display of the multivariate analysis results in the Add Wave to Plot dialog.
45320 Added the set of the hyperbolic for AC analysis for output expressions.
45321 Added the set of the trigonometric for AC analysis for output expressions.
45322 Added the set of the constants in the output expressions.
45323 Added the set of the integral functions for output expressions.
45324 Added support of the V(node) syntax as a voltage for a given node in the expressions.

Product: Altium Nexus
Version: 4.6.1 (Update 6) Build 21
Supported Architectures: x64
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: PC
Size: 3.4 Gb