Amie Tollefsrud – Online Course Academy + Passive Income Academy


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Amie Tollefsrud – Online Course Academy + Passive Income Academy
Amie Tollefsrud – Online Course Academy + Passive Income Academy | 7.28 GB

What You Get:
Online Course Academy
Module 1 – Prep For Online Course Creation
Welcome To Online Course Academy + Overview (6:39)
Increasing Productivity (The 4 Tendencies – Which One Are You?) (6:14)
Types Of Courses/Launches (+ Which is Right For You?) (15:18)
Course Revenue Planning (7:35)
Manifesting Your Revenue Goal (7:08)
Prep For Course Creation (9:05)

Module 2 – Your Profitable Online Course Topic
You Need A Niche (To Sell An Online Course) (17:18)
Choosing Your Online Course Topic (19:35)
Create Your “Unicorn” (i.e. Ideal Student Profile) (11:31)
Will It Be Profitable? (16:39)
Naming Your Online Course (10:58)
Staying Organized During Course Creation (12:29)
Determine your course timeline (5:52)

Module 3 – Cultivate While You Create
What’s Your Teaching Type? (6:38)
List Building 101 (95:05)
Visually Branding Your Course (10:01)
Create A Promotional Plan (Go Get Your Unicorn) (14:37)
Outlining Your Online Course (10:18)

Module 4 – Online Course Creation
Creating Your Slides (+ Template!) (7:45)
Recording Your Course Videos (16:20)
Editing Your Course Videos (13:45)
Creating Course Worksheets (+ Templates!) (3:41)
Setting Up Your “School” (39:10)
How To Create A Membership/Subscription Site (11:20)
What to do if you’re feeling “stuck”

Module 5 – Sexify Your Course (So It SELLS!)
Position Your Course In Market (7:23)
Telling Your Personal Story (Personal Branding) (8:55)
How To Price Your Course (12:16)
Optimizing Revenue and Conversions (8:13)

Module 6 – Launch, Launch, Baby
Get The Partyed (Pre-Launch Prep) (9:12)
Your 5-Part Launch Strategy (80:54)
Increasing Urgency In Your Launch (5:53)
Pre-Sale Strategy (13:13)
Crafting A High-Converting Sales Page (45:46)

Module 7 – The After Party
Keeping Up With Your Course/Students (4:22)
Recap Your Launch + Pivot (6:10)
Turning Students Into Cheerleaders (Affiliates) (9:14)
Refunds + How To Deal
Plan Your Next Launch (3:49)
Become an OCA affiliate! (2:32)

Module 8 – All Your Tech Tutorials
Setting Up Your Google Drive Folders (1:40)
Trello Tutorial (5:46)
How to set up a landing page in SS (32:37)
How To Set Up Link-Triggers in Convertkit (3:29)
How to Edit Slides in Canva (2:21)
How To Record Videos Using Screenflow (2:34)
How To Edit In Screenflow (5:27)
How To Record Using QuickTime (1:10)
How To Edit In iMovie (2:07)
How to Edit Course Videos in Final Cut Pro (1:41)
How To Edit Your Course Worksheets Using Canva (3:41)
Accepting Payments (Via Stripe + PayPal) (2:00)
Excluding ‘Students’ From Your Sales Sequence (3:10)
How To Set Up An Automated “Welcome” E-mail To New Students (3:41)
How To Set Up ‘Drift’ On Your Sales Page (4:52)
How To Create Affiliate Links (3:01)
How To Create “Coupons” In Teachable (2:06)
How To Make A Course “Mockup” Graphic
How To Create Audio Files (0:49)
How To ‘Tag’ Students (3:29)
How to Connect ConvertKit with Squarespace (48:05)
**How to Create a Landing Page in LeadPages** (not necessary – but looks very professional) (5:01)
ConvertKit 101 with Sue – Setting up account, Segments, Tags, Broadcasts and Sequences (20:46)
How to Add Captions to Your Course Videos (2:59)
Set Up Your School in Kajabi (in case you choose to) (27:03)





Amie Tollefsrud – Online Course Academy + Passive Income Academy