Aniruddha Mishra – The Ultimate Meta Ads Toolkit 2024


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Aniruddha Mishra – The Ultimate Meta Ads Toolkit 2024
Aniruddha Mishra – The Ultimate Meta Ads Toolkit 2024 | 542 MB

I’ve spent $120M+ on paid ads profitably in the last 10 years. But, in the last 2 yrs paid social changed a lot.

Your key pillars to Meta Ads success:
– Tracking Setup
– Campaign Setup
– Ad Creatives

I’ve compiled valuable information into actionable documents – no fluff.
Get access to:
– Account setup best practices
– Campaign and ad set up structure
– Comprehensive GA4 checklist
– Profit-boosting e-commerce calculator
– Meta Ads audit with 54 checkpoints
Plus, ad creative dynamites:
– 57 ChatGPT prompts for meta copywriting
– 122+ successful ad ideas
– 600+ UGC ad hooks
– 6 free Canva editable static ad templates
– The Ultimate UGC Ads Toolkit by Aniruddha Mishra
– Meta ads creative toolkit with briefs for designers
– Ad creative performance tracking insights
– 20+ buyer decision questions that convert

Why This Toolkit?
– Comprehensive: Every resource, from setup to creative execution, is meticulously crafted and compiled.
– Actionable: Practical tools and insights that you can implement immediately to see tangible improvements in your ad campaigns.
– Proven Success: Utilize strategies and creatives that have been tested and proven to drive results in the real world.
– Time-Saving: Save countless hours and effort by leveraging ready-to-use templates, hooks, and ideas.

Who Is This For?
– Marketers: Elevate your ad campaigns with proven strategies and creative insights.
– Business Owners: Understand and implement effective Meta ad strategies that directly impact your bottom line.
– Freelancers: Enhance your service offerings and deliver exceptional value to your clients.
– Agencies: Equip your team with a toolkit to drive client success and agency growth.





Aniruddha Mishra – The Ultimate Meta Ads Toolkit 2024