Beachbody – Rough Around the Edges (2022)


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Beachbody - Rough Around the Edges (2022)
Beachbody – Rough Around the Edges (2022) | 7.59 GB

Get ready to train with a team of professional stuntwomen with the actual moves they use to get ready for their roles. It’s demanding and it’s designed to work your body in ways you’ve never worked it before, but the results are worth it.

Is Rough Around the Edges Right For Me?

Rough Around The Edges is an intense, results-driven series of workouts led by a team of professional stuntwomen and inspired by the moves they use to train for their roles. Designed for anyone who wants to get in great shape and get inspired to become best versions of themselves they can possibly be. If you have a passion to be stronger, inside and out, then RATE is an ideal program for you!

What Are The Workouts Like?

Each Rough Around The Edges workout challenges your body in a different way. You’ll use kickboxing combos to burn fat, karate-inspired exercises to sculpt your core, superhero moves to build incredible strength, and much more. Just show up and work hard, and you’ll be rewarded with amazing confidence and results.

Tools + Equipment

For some workouts, a set of dumbbells is recommended. A mat is optional.


3 Stances You Should Know
30-Day Calendar.pdf
6 Kicks You Should Know
8 Punches You Should Know
Advanced Moves to Master
Cardio + HIIT/HIIT Where It Counts
Cardio + HIIT/HIIT it
Cardio + HIIT/Karate Kardio
Cardio + HIIT/Street Dance Cardio
Cardio + HIIT/Superhero Cardio
Cardio + HIIT/Total Body Shred
Core/Core Incinerator
Core/Karate Core
Core/Total Body Killer Core
MMA/Booty Building Boxing
MMA/Burn Like a Boss
MMA/Fight Fit
MMA/MMA Dance Cardio
MMA/Power Resistance
Meet the Trainers
Stretching/Fight Flow
Stretching/Revive and Restore
Welcome to Rough Around the Edges



Beachbody - Rough Around the Edges (2022)