Beachbody – Strong + Solid 2023

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Beachbody - Strong + Solid 2023
Beachbody – Strong + Solid 2023 | 4.93 GB

No matter what your size and shape, it’s time to embrace the beautiful body you were given!
This empowering program combines cardio, HIIT, and weights to build a strong, powerful and sexy body.

Is Strong + Solid Right for Me?
Lita believes fitness is not about being skinny or how you look. Her program was designed to empower women (and men) of all shapes and sizes to embrace and accept their bodies AND their curves to be strong and solid inside and out. Using her vast training experience, Lita created a 4-week program that delivers the fast results you’re after. But it’s Lita’s energy and style that make it fun and engaging so you keep pushing play each day.
What Are Lita’s Workouts Like?
The workouts are challenging so expect to work hard and get sweaty but every day is different so you’ll never get bored. Only 5 days a week and you get everything you need; cardio, plyo, core, upper body and lower body strength focused workouts to burn fat, tighten, tone and sculpt a beautiful body. You’re always in control and can dial up the weight or lower the intensity to your fitness level.
Tools + Equipment
All you need is your body and dumbbells. Simply follow Lita’s 4-week Calendar and push play, yes it’s that simple.