Cinesamples Continuum Guitars (KONTAKT)


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Cinesamples Continuum Guitars (KONTAKT)
Cinesamples Continuum Guitars (KONTAKT) | 1,84 GB

Performance based Guitar rhythms and textures
Continuum Guitars brings a fresh and simple approach to writing guitar performances.

Created with the composer in mind, this library is like having the flexibility and expertise of a real guitarist at your fingertips, offering performance based textures, rhythms, pads, melody and more. Extended capabilities and a unique voice set Continuum Guitars apart as a truly powerful and inspirational tool.

Continuum Guitars features an approachable, but powerful GUI with each section clearly laid out. On the sides of the GUI are a set of Master and Dynamics control sections that shape the overall sound of the instrument. A Master Volume, alongside CC-assignable Dynamics fader and HP/LP Filter controls are everything you need to make the diverse sounds of Continuum Guitars sit perfectly in a mix.

Cinesamples Continuum Guitars KONTAKT screenshotFACTORY PRESETS
With over 200 Factory presets, the sonic pallette of Continuum Guitars can be explored quickly and easily. From lush pads and evolving beds, to complex rhythms and musical FX, the Factory Presets have been expertly crafted to get the very best out of this library.

The Presets window also features 40 user-assignable preset slots to save and catalog custom presets and instrument settings.

A powerful Sampler Module includes a Sound Source Selector, ADSR controls and options for Reverse, Gridlock and Playback Speed. These controls are used to choose which samples are being triggered and shape how those samples are played back.

Choose between 16 Source sets, transform a sample by reversing playback or warping the speed, unlock amazing performance flexibility using the Grid Lock feature and shape the sound with ADSR controls.

Selecting the Source button opens the source menu. From this menu, select a starting point for sonic creation. Depending on the source selected, a unique keyboard layout and Sampler Engine will load.

Choose between pattern-based performances, Vector controlled evolving textures or multi-velocity sample sets.

Vector mode is enabled when selecting the “Vector 1-3” sound sources in the Sources panel.

Four performances are arranged at extreme points of the XY axis, defining a point in the XY mixes between them. Movement is achieved by mouse control, automation and key switches.

The Vector module is divided into Lower (blue) and Upper (green) ranges, allowing separate control of volume/blend for each range. Use the lower range for bass drones and the upper range for melodies.

The Step Engine is an Arpeggiator and Sequencer designed to work with one-shot and looped samples. This engine allows for modulation of Amp and Fx parameters as well as performance flexibility through key switch presets.

Availability of the STEPS module depends on the selected source. Vector 1-3 sources use the Vector Engine.

The Continuum Guitars signal chain starts here, with the Stomp Module. Boosting the output of the Stomp, or selecting different Stomp models will change how the Amp responds, exactly like analog pedals and classic tube amps. Take Continuum Guitars into overdrive and full distortion territory with three classic stompbox models, or mangle the sound completely with the Lo-Fi model.

Shape the body of your sound with the Amp Module. Each Amp model has a unique character and control set, ranging from saturated and full-bodied to chimey with vibrato controls. There are three available Amp models, and 19 unique cabinets including two rotary modes. Custom Cabinet IRs bring these Amps to life in a way never heard before, lending analog tone and vibe to the sound.

The Delay Module has five models to choose from, with toggles for Ping-Pong and Reverse modes. This module also features a completely custom filter control that can be set from each end of the spectrum and moved dynamically through the sweep range, giving a massive amount of control over delay tail shaping.

Five unique types and a full set of custom IRs make up this custom reverb module. Reverb is at the heart and soul of any sound design library, and Continuum Guitars leaves nothing to be desired. From lush and massive reverb, to surf-style spring and a reverse modes, all the bases are covered and some brand new ground is opened up for all sorts of sonic discovery.

Continuum Guitars was made possible by Metasonica, an incredible team of talented Producers, Designers and Musicians who partnered with Cinesamples to bring a truly unique Instrument to our wonderful community. We hope this Library serves to inspire the music creator in EVERYONE!