Cisco SD-WAN Viptela Automation


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Cisco SD-WAN Viptela Automation
Cisco SD-WAN Viptela Automation
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With Ratnesh K 2xCCIE #61380

What you’ll learn
This Course is intended to provide technical guidance to learn Basics for Programming & use the knowledge to operate Cisco SDWAN
course teaches you how to integrate programmability and automation in the Cisco®-powered Enterprise Campus and Wide Area Network (WAN) using programming concepts, orchestration, telemetry, and automation tools to create more efficient workflows and more agile networks.

What is SD-WAN ?

Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is an overlay architecture that overcomes the biggest drawbacks of traditional WAN. SD-WAN builds a secure, unified connectivity over any transport (MPLS, Broadband, LTE, VSAT etc.) and provides simplified operations with centralized management, policy control and application visibility across the enterprise.

Significance of Viptela

The Most Deployed SD-WAN in Global 1000 Companies . With SD-WAN built on the Viptela Fabric, enterprises can provide secure connectivity everywhere, deploy new services and applications faster, and drastically simplify operational complexity in the WAN. In this course you will find explanation of Viptela Architecture & Deployment approaches.

About this Course :

This course will start with Programming Fundamentals below

Data Formats: Understanding and using JSON, XML and YAML

APIs are Everywhere… but what are they?

REST APIs Part 1: HTTP is for more than Web Browsing

REST APIs Part 2: Making REST API Calls with Postman

Python Part 1: Python Language and Script Basics

Python Part 2: Working with Libraries and Virtual Environments

Python Part 3: Useful Python Libraries for Network Engineers

Then we will learn skills related to SDWAN Programming below :

Managing any modern network architecture is difficult as our infrastructure increases in size and complexity. In this course, Automating Cisco SD-WAN Operations Using APIs, you will learn foundational knowledge surrounding the wide variety of SD-WAN APIs available. First, you will build a simple Python SDK to abstract away the complexities of the SD-WAN API.

This is often a big hurdle for many new SD-WAN programmers. Next, you will learn about to configure advanced routing policies on the vSmart controllers which govern how the SD-WAN fabric forwards traffic. This is the primary purpose of any SD-WAN architecture. Finally, you will explore how to perform a variety of miscellaneous actions, such as collecting dashboard/control statistics, performing complex data queries, and administering the SD-WAN system itself. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of SD-WAN automation needed to deploy and manage professional-grade WAN fabrics.

Who this course is for:
Network engineers | Design | Solution Architects | Network Programmers