Create Compelling Character Concept Art for Games


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Create Compelling Character Concept Art for Games
Create Compelling Character Concept Art for Games
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Discover the insider tools and techniques to fast-track your character concepts to a professional level.
Have you always dreamt of becoming a professional concept artist but never dared to try? or never even had a clue where to get started? Maybe you’ve been drawing all your lives, but not sure if you are doing it the right way. For all those questions, we have one answer for you: The Ultimate A – Z Guide to Creating Compelling Character Concept Art might be what you’ve been looking for all this time.

Truth is, if you’ve tried concept art before and failed, I’ve got one thing to say to you – it’s not, NOT your fault! Because learning off YouTube and Random Videos is Possible – But is Really Really Hard and Takes a Long Time!

Just like you – I was learning what I could off the internet and just making guesses and filling in the gaps as I went. Was I improving? Yes. But progress was SLOW. It wasn’t until I signed up for my first real art course to finally see my art skills take flight. And only with great fundamentals can you take the creations from your imagination and make them look authentic and credible.

“This course is the compilation of all my experience over the years, minus the mistakes, designed for up-and-coming concept artists of 202X.”

Think of this course as a roadmap to help you navigate the massive amount of information out there. Some of that information is good, some not so great, yet it’s hard to tell. This guide will help you to pinpoint the exact tools you need and steps to take to get you painting as a professional concept artist as fast as humanly possible. You’ll get all the most crucial lessons I’ve learned over the years and get to avoid all the pitfalls that I took to get here.


This Ultimate A – Z Guide to Creating Compelling Character Concept Art is for beginner artists who want to take their concept art to the next level – and I mean it! As easy and hand-holding I’ve made the lessons, if you’re not ready to put the hard work in, then please don’t buy this course. But if you think you’re ready to put in the hard yards and take your first step into becoming a paid professional concept artist, then this is for YOU!

Don’t be scared, this class is designed to be easy!

I wanted to make this course mind-numbingly easy to use. Once you sign up, log in to your account, grab your favourite learning beverage (mine is cocoa), and I’ll take you through each step, one at a time, so you’ll never get lost or confused. Plus, if you ever want me to repeat something, you can rewind – or ask me during our feedback session.


“Create realistic, authentic and fantastic characters that people will come to know and love.”

In this course you will learn The fundamental tools concept artists use in programs like Photoshop, How to structure you own concept art portfolio, How to correctly use reference, The step by step guide to creating the art for your character -from thumbnailing, iteration to final render- and how to present it in a way that would attract recruiters and art directors from your favourite companies.

I want to help you breathe life into your creations. Whether your thing is dragons, monsters, cool heroes and heroines or giant mechs – I will show you how to break down your ideas into simple, digestible chunks and how to build it back up again on paper so you end up with something that’s beautiful and believable.

Imagine, being able to pull a concept from your head and see it come to life at your fingertips or on your screen – a concept that will be seen in your favorite games or in movies that others will come to grow and love and wonder ‘who thought up this magnificent thing?’ That will be you! You can do this!”