Daniel Throssell – Campaign Conqueror
Daniel Throssell – Campaign Conqueror
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Daniel Throssell – Campaign Conqueror


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Daniel Throssell – Campaign Conqueror
Daniel Throssell – Campaign Conqueror | 1.75 GB

What You Get:
Part I: My ‘Conquering Campaign’ Blueprint
In this section — which you can get through in a little over an hour — I give you my ENTIRE end-to-end blueprint for writing email campaigns for myself OR any client.

I’ve put it at the start to give you a ‘quick win’.

Because by the end of it, you will know almost everything I do about writing an effective email campaign.

You’ll know:
– How to calculate your cart-open duration for any sale
– The best day and even time to close your cart
– EXACTLY how many emails to send on each day of the campaign (based on two factors I’ll tell you how to measure)
– The 4 things you need to find out from your client before you write a campaign
– When to suppress buyers from sales emails — and when not to
– How “launch” emails should differ from the “regular” emails you send your list (trust me, you will NOT work this out just by watching what I do and trying to ‘deconstruct’ it — you’ll see when I tell you)
– What to write in your launch emails — and how they should change over the course of the campaign
– How to get away with sending 8 emails in a day — and have people LOVE you for it
– How to ‘recycle’ previously-written campaigns without burning out your list
– How to predict ahead of time how many sales you’ll get on each day of a campaign — and how to bend the “sales curve” at will
– How to write a sales page for your campaign (and how to work out if you even need one at all!)
– And a LOT more!

Part II: Advanced Email Warfare Strategies
In Part II, I get more advanced, and assume you have total control not just over the copy . but also over the offer, and how you package, frame & present it.
I also give you some more controversial (but DEVASTATINGLY effective