Dylan Pierce Online Watercolor Classes Bundle Compressed


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Dylan Pierce Online Watercolor Classes Bundle Compressed

Dylan Pierce Online Watercolor Classes Bundle Compressed
Dylan Pierce Online Watercolor Classes Bundle Compressed | 42.7 GB

Learn Watercolor Online
Learn watercolor with Dylan Scott Pierce in his step by step online school. Whether you are a beginner or have painted watercolor for decades, Dylan can show you how to take your painting skills to the next level. Paint along with his step by step demonstrations to understand how to create brilliant and meaningful watercolor paintings. Unlimited access to over 88 hours of teaching.

Before You Begin – Recommended Materials
Dylan shares some of his favorite materials and why he prefers these over others. What is most important is that your supplies are high quality and Artist grade, this can make a big difference in your art.

Exercises and Tips
These short demos explain the essentials of watercolor and tips for how Dylan designs a composition. If you are new to watercolor Dylan encourages you to practice with these before beginning the courses. By viewing these ahead of time, you can understand better the various techniques Dylan uses throughout the demos.

Work from light to dark
Warm to cool
Water to paint ratio
Wet on wet
Dry on damp
Timing of washes
Mixing colors
Palette setup
Complementary grays
Supplies and materials
Finding and Losing edges
Softening edges
How to decide what’s important to convey your message
Basic Watercolor
Dylan focuses on the fundamental techniques of watercolor and looks closely at how water and color work in relationship together. The Basic classes are for those who have no experience or have a little familiarity with watercolor.

Dylan thoroughly demonstrates his use of watercolors fundamental techniques with step by step demonstrations. He keeps the subject matter very simple for those who are new to watercolor, usually fruits and vegetables.

It is helpful first to go through the “Exercises and Tips” to become more familiar with Dylan’s techniques and with the medium of watercolor.

Intermediate Watercolor
If you are fairly comfortable working with watercolor, these are for you. Dylan will teach design principles using composition, value, and color while painting subjects which are more complex than the basic classes.

These courses focus on making decisions to convey a mood or message in the painting. Watercolor technique is not the focus as it is in the basic class.

Dylan normally uses a gesture drawing to guide the process and talk about how color will effect the mood / message. These classes are more about making creative decisions versus copying a photograph.

Advanced Watercolor
These classes build upon what Dylan teaches in the intermediate class, using the same techniques and design principles. What makes these classes more advanced is the difficulty level of subject matter and use of challenging techniques such as juxtaposition, negative painting, or quick direct application of watercolor. Dylan recommends good drawing skills and confidence with watercolor.