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Emotional Hook Formula - Aaron Fox
Aaron Fox – Emotional Hook Formula
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Women are very emotional creatures, men are not. So, it is quite common for your man not to be as emotionally vested in your relationship as you would like him to be. But, with Emotional Hook Formula, you can change this and make your man emotionally connected to you.

Emotional Hook Formula is about using what the program author, Aaron Fox, calls “Positive Drama”, which can be used to create an overwhelming desire in your man for your attention and love. In the process, the man will want nothing else but for you to be the only woman in his life. This program contains some techniques that will help you create romantic desire and inspire feelings of commitment in your man, even in men who are traditionally opposed to the idea of committing to any woman.
Commitment is a good way to stabilize your romantic relationship

[1], which is why being in a committed relationship could mean lots of good for its future survival. However, even in a stable committed relationship, passion declines over time [2], which is why the secrets about reigniting the passion in your relationship taught in this program can go a long way in helping you get more happiness from your committed relationship.
Emotional Hook Formula is the work of Aaron Fox, a relationship expert. He got insight into how women can make the men they desire fall in love with them from a 49 year-old mother of two who made a non-committal player settle for her and her alone using these techniques.
Emotional Hook Formula reveals 14 secrets to getting the man in your life to commit to you and stay in love with even after the initial excitement phase of the relationship is over.
The first part of the program is the “The Attraction Loop Suggestion”, which will help you inspire feelings of attraction in the man that you are attracted to you even if they don’t currently consider you a romantic prospect.
You will also learn the “Rapid Commitment Suggestion”, which is a trick to help you get the man that has been in your life for some while and yet can’t commit feel an immediate desire to commit to you and make you his own. This secret will also make sure that the commitment lasts.
You will also learn how to turn rejection around through the “Rejection Flip Flop Suggestion.” This trick will make the man you could have pursued want to give what you always wanted in the first place.
“The Attraction Lock-In Suggestion” trick will show you how to salvage a relationship that is on the verge of disintegration, be it your marriage or any other romantic relationship.
The “Sizzling Desire Suggestion” will help you create an overwhelming desire in the man of your interest so that he will think of nothing but to get your attention.
The “Obsession Booster Suggestion” will make your man have an obsessive desire for you, especially if you would like him around all the time.
The “Magnetic Bonding Suggestion” will help you make your man stop eying other women so that you become the only woman he feels he has a future with.
Bonus #1: Mind Phrase Report
will show you clever phrases you can use to transfer your intentions into his mind so that you are always on the same page in the relationship.
Bonus #2: Emotional Build Up Report
is a program that will show you how you can make feelings of intense love well up within a man so that he will want nothing more than to shower you with love and romance.
Bonus #3: Intense Addiction Report
will show you how to get him hooked intensely and for good and make him want to be yours for life.
Bonus #4: The Genie Method
will show you a clever trick which makes him get addicted to pleasing you.



Emotional Hook Formula - Aaron Fox