Film Booth – Thumbnail University

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Film Booth - Thumbnail University
Film Booth – Thumbnail University | 7.77 GB

Thumbnails are the single most important part of YouTube’s success.
It doesn’t matter how amazing your video is – if people don’t click your video, you’re not gonna grow and that’s why to me, they’re the number one thing to crack on YouTube.

But, it gets even crazier. With sooo many competitors flocking to YouTube and mega creators dropping a cool $20,000 on a single image, how on earth are you supposed to keep up?
Well, you need a dynamic duo:
– 1. Killer skills to create ultra-clickable images
– 2. Feedback from others so you know what’s hot and what’s not
But here’s the thing: there hasn’t been a one-stop shop to learn all the ins and outs of effective thumbnail design, or a community of fellow YouTubers who really get what makes a thumbnail rock to provide feedback. until now.
That’s why I created Thumbnail University!
After chatting with hundreds of YouTubers and realizing that they all faced the same growth roadblock (yep, you guessed it – thumbnails), I knew I had to build a course and feedback community that tackled this problem head-on. And let me tell you, the results speak for themselves! Check then out below.

Classes Modules:
– Course Stage 1 – Master The Basics
– Module 1 – Strategy
– Module 2 – Turn Design Into Views
– Module 3 – Photography Basics
– Module 4 – Lighting
– Module 5 – Photoshop Basics

– Course Stage 2 – Go From Good To Great
– Module 6 – Master The Art Of Clean Thumbnails
– Module 7 – Master Colourful Image
– Module 8 – Master Products & Items
– Module 9 – Master Cinematic Thumbnails
– Module 10 – Master EPIC Thumbnails
– Module 11 – Time Saving





Film Booth - Thumbnail University