Foolproof Facebook Ads with Nate Schmidt


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Foolproof Facebook Ads with Nate Schmidt
Foolproof Facebook Ads with Nate Schmidt | 2.18 GB

What You’ll Discover Inside
Foolproof Facebook Ads.
The exact day-by-day process my team follows to test new products on Facebook with a 66% success rate in the past 6 months.

Why the “Old Way” of dropshipping is dead (and how you can utilize our simple 4-Step Process to build a super profitable e-commerce business in 2020 and beyond)
​How to turn new product testing from an unpredictable gamble into a systematic business process that reliably produces winning advertising campaigns
​The 1 unique type of interest that consistently crushes all others.across multiple different products and industries
​The 3 main metrics I look at when deciding whether to kill an ad set (Ignoring these metrics is like throwing advertising dollars out the window.)
The simple mathematical equation that allows me to be profitable while all my competitors LOSE MONEY with the same exact product
9 simple tools for turning everyday products into irresistible offers
​The most powerful LLA type that most ecom store owners don’t know about
​8x Mr Olympia’s FB Ad Scaling Secret (a.k.a. “The Blind Donkey Scaling Method”)
​Why times of crisis are the greatest marketing opportunities.and how to take advantage of them


Why do all the hard work yourself? After spending over $1M on Facebook ads we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. People have paid us upwards of $3,000 to teach them this exact information, but today you can have it for less than 1/10 of that with Foolproof Facebook Ads.

​The 1-sentence explanation for when to keep an ad set running.and when to kill it faster than a dropshipping guru can say “Gucci slides”
​How to figure out the perfect amount to spend on retargeting ads for your ecom store
​The 5 scaling methods I use (and how to pick the right one for your specific situation)
​The Little-Known FB Ad rule you must be aware of if you’re not from the United States (or face near certain irrevocable ad account deactivation)
​The emotional triggers all humans possess that you must tap into to make FAT profits in ecom
​The “Mad Men Era” marketing principles ignored by acne-prone teenage ecom gurus.but used by all the top ecom brands
​The only thing I learned in college that ever put a single dollar in my pocket
​The little-known reason why flashy ads often grab attention LESS than simple ads that follow our “cardinal rule” of marketing
​How to write ads that “jump out” and grab the reader by the neck
​The #1 thing most new advertisers do wrong.and what you can learn from the Swiss Ministry of Health’s COVID Marketing campaign





Foolproof Facebook Ads with Nate Schmidt


Foolproof Facebook Ads with Nate Schmidt