HollyWood Camera Works Visual Effects for Directors (I-VII)


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HollyWood Camera Works Visual Effects for Directors (I-VII)
HollyWood Camera Works Visual Effects for Directors (I-VII) | 7.79 GB

The course is useful to everyone: from beginning directors to professionals of high class because the task is one:
to make a wise decision during the shooting knowing that the visual effects created by you will exceed all expectations.

The course of intensive training on all issues: from the green screen, visual series, 3D, camera tracking and motion control, to character animation, motion capture, crowd generation, special effects in movies and much more. The course is completely unique and helps to understand what to do on the set when you have little money.
Contents of the 1st disc. “Three-dimensional layer”
1. Introduction.
2. Shading and display. Part I.
3. Shading and display. Part 2.
4. Simple lighting.
5. Complex lighting.
6. Tools for modeling.
7. Simulation of objects and characters.
8. Visual modeling.
9. Basic animation.
10. Build the character.
11. Animation of the character. Part I.
12. Animation of the character. Part II.
Contents of the 2nd disc. “Mixing and fitting”
1. Overview.
2. Layout of the main layer.
3. Assembly of nodes.
4. Extract the mask.
5. Mask of unnecessary image. Rotoscoping.
6. Layout without a mask.
7. Two-dimensional tracking.
8. Work of trackers.
9. Flat tracking.
10. Shooting for flat tracking.
11. Fitting the camera.
Contents of the 3rd disc. “Mixing and fitting”
1. Combination of movements.
2. Shooting for combined motion. Part I.
3.Shooting for combined movement. Part II.
4. Movement control.
5. Combination of lighting and shadow.
6. Drop shadow into real frames.
7. Problems of double shadow.
8. Receiving a shadow.
9. Dropping and receiving reflection.
10. Dropping and receiving light.
11. Fitting the camera.
12. Interaction. Part I. The impact of Live-action on 3D.
Contents of the 4th disc. “Mixing and fitting”
1. Interaction. Part II. The effect of 3D on Live-action.
2. Virtual stands.
3. Motion capture.
4. Internal motion capture. Tracking the hull.
5. Internal motion capture. Tracking the face.
6. Removing the object. Part I.
7. Removal of the object. Part II.
8. Generation of the crowd.
Contents of the 5th disc. Green Screen
1. Two kinds of green screen. Three types of shooting.
2. Green against blue.
3. Color samples.
4. Simple green screen. Part I.
5. Simple green screen. Part II.
6. Rent and preparation of a panoramic scene.
7. Arrangement and painting of the panoramic screen.
8. Illumination of the panoramic screen.
9. Keing. Part I. The whole staff.
10. Keing. Part II. Transparency.
11. Keing. Part III. Prevention of spills.
Contents of the 6th disc. Green Screen
1. Installation of markers for tracking. Part I.
2. Installation of markers for tracking. Part II.
3. Combination of lighting.
4. Combining direction. Quality. Proportion.
5. Extract and fake shadows.
6. Reception of a shadow and light.
7. Dropping and receiving reflection.
8. Physical contact.
9. Control and blocking the visual range.
10. Large green screen.
11. Deformation.
12. The film-making list.
Contents of the 7th disc. “Modeling and composition”
1. Physics.
2. Particles and fluids.
3. Installation.
4. Clothes. Hair. Abolition.
5. Digital stunt.
6. Nodes of confluence.
7. Analysis of the survey. «F-16 over the ocean».
8. Analysis of the survey. “Persecution of the dinosaur.”
9. Analysis of the survey. “Accident”.
10. Analysis of the survey. “Garden in the shade.”
11. Analysis of the survey. “Shooting at the embassy.”



HollyWood Camera Works Visual Effects for Directors (I-VII)