Irene Lyon – The NEW INNER GAME (2022)


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Irene Lyon - The NEW INNER GAME (2022)
Irene Lyon – The NEW INNER GAME (2022) | 5.73 GB

This is NOT Your Typical Online Program
Ive done those programs that doll out a pre-recorded call, and then offer handout after handout, where you fall behind and never actually do the program content. This program is different.

This Program is About Giving You BIG SHIFTS THAT STICK!
This program does not contain filler content that is thrown in to beef up the appeal. All content is there for a reason. It is ordered and delivered in a specific way to best support your shifts.

This Program Will Teach You A New Way of Life.
This is about building a deep and rich set of skills that will serve your health, family, work-life, productivity and future. Youll have the ability to improve how you feel all day long, and to bring even more of YOU to your purpose, family and other relationships.

Knowledge IS Power (Especially when its science that applies to your life daily.)
Youll get the scientific essentials for conquering your upper limits, increasing your energy reserves, and being intelligent with the stress in your life so you are always a step ahead of the rest.

This Unique Program Will Help You:
– heal old traumas that are at the root of physical, mental, and emotional blocks
– tap into reserves of energy so you can accomplish more every day
– discover a new way to handle stress so your body doesnt burnout and breakdown
– and much more

During the 12 weeks youll get powerful learning (theory & practical) and support via:
Weekly Neurosensory Exercises
These practical exercises are a blend of my expertise in somatic healing arts of Feldenkrais and Somatic Experiencing and they tap into multiple layers of your body, brain and nervous system.

Biology of Stress Video Training Series
This training will give you answers and most importantly hope by providing a solid biological explanation for a lot of the pain and angst that youve been struggle to figure out and fix.

6 Live Group Training & Q&A Calls (90 Minutes Each)
During these calls, youll receive a core piece of teaching that will supplement the course curriculum.

Program Bonuses
– Guest Expert Interviews
– Six Audio Tracks for Sparking Up Mind-Body Connections
– Two Specialized Neurosensory Video Trainings
Pain-Free Sitting
Dynamic Movement For Core Strength



Irene Lyon - The NEW INNER GAME (2022)


Irene Lyon - The NEW INNER GAME (2022)