John McIntyre – Drop Dead Copy 2022


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John McIntyre - Drop Dead Copy 2022
DropDeadCopy – Copywriting Bundle 2021 | 150.45 GB

Here’s What You Get From Each Expert:
Bill Mueller’s The Story Sales Machine
This digital course + email template pack shows you how to create your Story Sales Machine and start using power of story in your business.

You’ll get email-by-email breakdowns, dozens of examples, templates, a 10-email welcome sequence strategy, 212 subject lines, 141 story idea starters, and much more.
Use the Story Sales Machine to write story-based emails in minutes. Plan out and write entire email sequences in the time it currently takes you to write just one email!

Here’s what The Story Sales Machine will do for you:
– Get The Story Sales Machine and effortlessly write emails people WANT to open and read while watching email performance skyrocket…
– Use story to engage your prospects emotionally so you can sell more by showing, sell more through “projection,” and sell more through relevance…
– Imagine in the time it takes to write one email, having an entire sequence complete (the emails practically write themselves when you know what to say, where, and how) …
– Finally have consistent email marketing because there’s no need to wonder “what do I write?” Just reference your Story Sales Machine!
– Accelerate the relationship-building process so subscribers know, like, and trust you faster…
– Picture prospects enjoying your emails so much that they actually reach out to ask, “Hey, is everything okay?” because you “missed” a day.
– PLUS: Get follow-along examples, a 10-step welcome sequence strategy, 212 subject lines, 141 ways to create stories, my best performing email swipe file, and much, much more…

What’s included:
– Story Sales Machine Training
– 10-Step Welcome Sequence Strategy
– 212 Subject Lines, Emails, & More
– Bonus #1: Neglected List Study
– Bonus #2: Best Email Swipe File
– Bonus #3: 141 Story Idea Pack
– Bonus #4: 80 Min Story Seminar
– Bonus #5: 1-on-1 Strategy Call





John McIntyre - Drop Dead Copy 2022