Karl Taylor Education – Cosmetics Product Shoot


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Karl Taylor Education - Cosmetics Product Shoot
Karl Taylor Education – Cosmetics Product Shoot
Genre: eLearning | Language: English
In this live photography workshop Karl attempts to bring his vision of a floating cosmetic arrangement to life in a highly complex cosmetics product shoot.

You’ll see each step as he explains the intricacies of such a product shoot and demonstrates how to overcome challenges such as how to light different surfaces of the products, how to control light spill around the set, how to secure the products in position and which lighting modifiers are the best for this type of product photography. To finish, Karl also shows you how to add dynamic, depth and leading lines by introducing additional elements and props to this product photography setup.
Regardless of whether you’re shooting lipsticks or skin creams, this show will cover powerful techniques for photographing cosmetics, as well as useful tips for general product photography too.
In this live product photography workshop we cover the following:
How to photograph cosmetic products
Product photography lighting
Product photography tips
How to light multiple textures and finishes: Lighting matte, gloss, lustre and chrome surfaces
Lighting modifiers for product photography
How to create depth in a photo
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