Kino Macgregor and Kerri Verna – Basic Yoga Mix


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Kino Macgregor and Kerri Verna - Basic Yoga Mix
Kino Macgregor and Kerri Verna – Basic Yoga Mix | 4.36 GB

Yoga has the power to unlock the hidden potential in your body and mind. Join the practice today and watch your whole life transform. With regular practice your body will be stronger and more flexible, you will have increased energy and your mind will become calm.

Yoga is a path to inner peace. You dont need to be naturally flexible to get the inner benefits of yoga. This is the perfect place to begin your yoga journey. We have designed this course with 14 full length practice sessions and 4 bonus sessions that cover strength, flexibility, meditation, breathing and everything you need to truly Begin Yoga. We are honored that you have chosen us to be your guides into the inner tradition of yoga. Enjoy your practice!

Kino MacGregor
Kino MacGregor is an international yoga teacher, author of three books, producer of six Ashtanga Yoga DVDs, writer, vlogger, world traveler, co-founder of Miami Life Center and founder of Miami Yoga Magazine. With over 800,000 followers on Instagram

Kerri Verna
Kerri Verna has been a fitness instructor for over 13 years and has taught Pilates, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, and Yoga. Most known for her Instagram account @beachyogagirl, she has gathered about 800,000 people that find inspiration, encouragement

Workouts included in this package :
Bonus Meditation with Kino, Train the Equanimous Mind
Bonus Meditation with Kerri, Realize the Truth
Day 30: Unlock Your Forward Fold, Pachimattanasana with Kino
Day 29: Build up to Forearm Balance, Pinchamayurasana with Kino
Day 28: Ease into Backbends, Ustrasana the Camel Pose with Kino
Day 27: Beginner Handstands with Kerri
Day 26: Light Up the Inner Sky, Firefly Arm Balance with Kino
Day 25: Discover your Inner Grace, Fallen Angel Arm Balance with Kerri
Day 24: Set Your Inner Direction, Compass Pose with Kino
Day 23: Strengthen your Shoulder and Core in Side Plank with Kerri
Day 22: Glide Through the Hamstrings, Flexibility in Supta Padangusthasana with Kino
Day 21: Strong Shoulders in Tripod Headstand with Kerri
Day 20: Bend Your Back into the Full Wheel, Urdhva Dhanurasana with kino
Day 19: Progressive Arm Balances, Side Crow with Kerri
Day 18 Marichasana C
Day 17: Patience Young Grasshopper, Arm Balances with Kerri
Day 16: Deepen Your Forward Fold with Upavistha Konasana
Day 15: Basic Headstand, Sirsasana with Kerri
Day 14: Lunge Into Backbends, Anjanayasana with kino
Day 13: Amp Up Your Arm Balances: Astavakrasana with Kerri.
Day 12: Tie a Bow on It: Backbends, Dhanurasana with Kino
Day 11: Get Down and Dirty, Pistol Squat with Kerri
Day 10: Deepen Your Backbends with Kino
Day 9: Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Core Strength in Navasana with Kerri
Day 8: Enter the Inner Body, Marichasana A with Kino
Day 7: Learn to Lift Up, L-Sit with Kerri
Day 6: Find Your Foundation in Extended Side Angle with kino
Day 5: Beginner Arm Balance, Bakasana with Kerri
Day 4: Beginner Backbends, Shalabhasana with Kino
Day 3: Twist It Out, Revolved Triangle, Trikonasana B with Kino
Day 2: Plank it Out, Build Strength with Kerri
Day 1: Find Inner Warrior, Virabhadrasana A with Kino