Lloyd Lester – Unstoppable Sex


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Lloyd Lester – Unstoppable Sex
Lloyd Lester – Unstoppable Sex | 216 MB

How A Fat, Balding, 52-Year Old Man Who Couldn’t Even Get A ‘Hand Job’
In 2 Years Discovered The Powerful Secrets That Now Gets Him
Wild, Passionate Sex From His Wife As Often As He Wants.”

Discover the scientifically-proven “sex-getting” methods of the best professionals, sex therapists and seducers that produce results fast.
Unstoppable Sex:
How To Initiate Sex Without Fear of Rejection, And Drive HER Wild With Uncontrollable Desire for MORE Sex!
Part 1: How to Initiate Sex Without Fear of Rejection

In This First Part, I Reveal Powerful Secrets Like.
– The 3 most common reasons why a woman rejects a man when he tries to initiate sex. and how to eliminate these problems permanently, so you can start enjoying more sex right away
– How to find out whether she’s actually rejecting YOU or if it’s some other problem stopping her from having sex with you.
– How to break the rejection cycle once and for all. so it stops creating more hesitation in you and stops conditioning her to keep saying ‘no’ to you.
– How to tell when she secretly wants to have sex yet still appears to be “rejecting” you – on the surface.
– The 4 major mistakes men make during sex that make women want less sex in the future. (These mistakes cause her to lose all interest in having sex with you again.)
– How to get more oral sex! (Women reveal the top 4 reasons why men are killing their chances of getting a lot more of this! )
– Two things you must do after sex, to get more sex from her in the future.
– When NOT to have sex with her – no matter how much you both want it. or else you can create very negative associations in her mind to future sex.
– How to drive her crazy with desire – by the way you kiss her. so she will want to sleep with you right away.
– And much, much more.

Part 2: How to Boost Her Desire For More Sex
In This Second Part, I Reveal Powerful Secrets That Get Her Burning HOT, Like.
– Four easy ways to instantly boost her sexual desire for you . and have more sex, starting tonight!
– How to activate her most powerful and highly under-utilized arousal trigger!
– The 6 deadly mistakes that turn her off and kill her desire for sex completely.
– The 3 external factors crucial to boosting her desire for having sex with you. and how you can easily influence these factors, to quickly put her in a sexually-favorable mood.
– Why she will not want to have sex – no matter how turned on she is. unless you do these 2 important things first!
– Why so many women would much rather (secretly) masturbate than have sex with their guys – and how you can change that for your woman
– A sneaky way to get her thinking about pleasuring you and having sex with you more often!

– How to get her so horny that she wants to have sex with you tonight.
– How to get her dripping wet between her legs.while she’s still fully clothed!
– Simple little touch tricks you can safely use in public, to get her incredibly aroused and wishing you would quickly move to a more private location.
– Little-known areas on her body you can touch, in public, to indirectly get her private areas aroused and “ready”.
– The one touch to use for increased arousal and sensation, that will push her over the edge. so she orgasms instantly, and more explosively!

– How to sync up with your partner during sex to create the most intense experiences either of you have ever felt before.
– An easy way to make her “squirt” multiple times while keeping yourself on the edge
– How to get into a sexual rhythm with your lover and induce body-shaking, intense sensations
– 3 “almost magic” techniques you can use to prolong sexual pleasure
– How to train your body to resist orgasm and go longer so that your partner experiences true ecstasy