Marina Ulanova – Delightful skin – Manipulating Shades


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Marina Ulanova - Delightful skin - Manipulating Shades
Marina Ulanova – Delightful skin – Manipulating Shades
Genre: eLearning | Language: English
In this collection of lessons retouching female portraits. They will be interesting and informative to those who are interested in retouching techniques, i.e. – retouchers. But photographers will also be able to draw from them useful tricks even for quick – stream retouching. We will pay special attention to working with skin color in them. Leather gives us perhaps one of the most complex spectra of colors and shades. In this variety, we can find a variety of colors: red, yellow, orange, pink, brown and even black. And how to correctly and naturally add this variety of colors and shades to the skin tone, we will study in these lessons. In particular, from these lessons you will learn how to use a special brush, which, by the way, works great both with the mouse and the pen. And with this very magic brush, we will add the colors and shades we need to the skin of the models. It works equally well, both in mid tones and in highlights and shadows .. As a result, we get radiant, velvet amazingly beautiful skin.

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