Mark Scott Adams – Fba Headstart Amazon Training


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Mark Scott Adams - Fba Headstart Amazon Training
Mark Scott Adams – Fba Headstart Amazon Training | 2.8 GB


MODULE 1 – FINDING THE RIGHT PRODUCT TO SELL How to identify profitable markets to enter, measure competition and estimate your sales and profits so you can be successful before you even create your product Where to find and easily deal with suppliers How to find and work with both domestic and international manufactures and suppliers who want to work with you. How to create packaging that will significantly increase your orders I cover every step of product creation from sample orders, packaging and even UPC labels How to deal with international shipments Even how to have your international orders shipped to you or even how to ship them directly to Amazon MODULE 2 – SETTING UP YOUR PRODUCT IN THE AMAZON MARKETPLACE Step by Step Amazon Account Set Up Watch over my shoulder as I set up an actual account on Amazon See How to Get Your Product Listed You’ll learn how to get your products listed quickly How you ship your product to Amazon Every step of shipping is covered How to get great product photography pictures that sell I cover how to get photos of your product that will not only attract attention, but dramatically increase your sales How to drive traffic to your page by using the right wording on you page How to write titles and descriptions on your sales page that will not only drive your product higher in the Amazon sales rankings, but significantly increase conversions MODULE 3 – MY HEADSTART MARKETING SYSTEM TO INCREASE YOUR SALES TO CREATE ONGOING PASSIVE INCOME My entire Amazon marketing system Everything from A-Z to get your product ranked higher and selling more How to create and set up promotional campaigns that help your product rise quickly in the sales rankings and lead to more sales Getting Positive Reviews Reviews and Feedback are imperative to your sales rankings and success. So I show you little known ways to quickly get an abundance of reviews and feedback on your product so you can leapfrog your competition How to get a 100% plus return using Amazon’s own internal ad system A step by step guide on how to generate additional sales and profits with Amazon’s PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising system And much more! I even cover multiple ways to promote your product outside of Amazon MODULE 4 – MY ADVANCED STRATEGIES FOR OPTIMIZING YOUR BUSINESS AND GETTING THE MOST SALES POSSIBLE How to squeeze another 10, 20 or 30% in sales by optimizing your efforts Your product is in Amazon and making sales! Now what? Management tools and techniques to optimize and improve your sales The best business owners are always “managing their numbers” A full review of how to use the Amazon reports to increase your sales What reports to use. How to better manage your inventory. How to look for opportunities from analyzing your analytics. Ultimately, how to squeeze out every bit of profit from every action you take How to leverage your business to 6 figures a year and beyond!



Mark Scott Adams - Fba Headstart Amazon Training