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Michael Bayer – Get Copy Clients Now
Michael Bayer – Get Copy Clients Now | 8.75 GB

– The “Hail Mary” email I used to land Grant Cardone, TWO 8+ figure ecom agencies, and more.
– The complete client acquisition system I paid $11,500+ to learn.
– The community, coaching, and calls.

– The “Automation Terminator” system stuff .
– The 80/20 copywriting training on how to get good (enough).

Phase 1: Find The Clients
– Client Getting Weapon #1: This client “goldmine” has over 700,000 prospects. If you can’t find a new client here. you’re not trying. Just use this and never smash your head through a wall in “I can’t find any clients!” frustration ever again.
– Client Getting Weapon #2: Why “doom scrolling” on Facebook is a shockingly great idea to find HOT qualified leads in droves (Hint: This will help you find prospects who are already spending money on marketing . And who could give that money to YOU).
– Client Getting Weapon #3: Most new copywriters don’t know about this “secret” platform but it’s loaded with “Help Wanted” ads for copywriters. (This ain’t UpWork either — this is something nobody’s paying attention to, and now you can tap into it right away).
– Client Getting Weapon #4: The uncommon but wickedly effective “old school” tool to easily find potential clients in your own backyard (Hint: You probably used it to waste time leaving a negative review).
– Client Getting Weapon #5: This simple (and free) Google Chrome extension unlocks your access to thousands of potential clients with the click of a button.

Phase 2: Get Known
– The Wickedly Effective Outreach method that grabs your prospects by the throat and reels them in to land pre-qualified interviews & sales calls. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Using this could be so effective that you won’t have to “sell” anything. In fact, your prospects will sell themselves to YOU).
– The “Godfather” method to make your potential clients an offer they can’t refuse (without the mafia style “persuasion”) to get replies like “I would LOVE to hop on a call to chat.” (That’s a real reply. FYI).
– Scoop up clients with this bad boy for life “All About the Benjamins” method that has been around the block a few times ’cause it works!.

Phase 3: Get Paid
– ​How To Stack The Odds In Your Favorto let prospects know “Hey, they know their stuff!” with the easy way to look like a pro even if you’re a straight-up rookie (This ALONE could literally get you an instant raise WITHOUT any extra work).
– How To 10X Your Value, Brotoeasily level up what you bring to the table for your clients so they can feast on your knowledge, fall in love, and pay you MORE (Some of these are so head-scratching-ly easy you’ll wonder if I’m joking. I’m not!).
– “I want multiple clients so I can make BANK” Well, buckle up buttercup because I’ll show you how to handle multiple clients so you can WIN your day, keep your clients happy, and bring in a lot more cash (This works even if you have clients that want 100% full-time loyalty. And they’ll never know!).






Michael Bayer – Get Copy Clients Now