Michael Breen – Conversational Trance


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Michael Breen - Conversational Trance
Michael Breen – Conversational Trance | 100 MB

Discover How To Evoke Trance Conversationally, Anytime, Anywhere.

“Renowned Master Hypnotist Turns Traditional Hypnosis Stereotypes On Their Head And Reveals Step-By-Step Process For How To Create Conversational Trance.Anytime, Anywhere With Anyone Completely Guaranteed.”
Limitations Are About To Change As You Learn From One Of The Finest Master Trainers & Hypnotists
Michael Breen is a master of conversational hypnosis protocol who has a wealth of experience teaching and using NLP and conversational trance in business and social contexts.
He’s widely regarded as one of the most respected and skilled practitioners in the field today.
Besides teaching and applying NLP all over the world and at every organisational level Michael has spent decades refining his skills and how he teaches the technology so people at all skill levels can pick up the toolset fast.
After mastering the traditional forms of hypnosis – he did what Michael does best – he figured out what really is essential for trance.