Mindvalley : Lisa Nichols – Speak & Inspire


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Mindvalley : Lisa Nichols - Speak & Inspire
Mindvalley – Lisa Nichols – Speak and Inspire | 11.1 GB

Part 1: The Power Of Your Voice And Message (6 Days)
You’ll begin your Speak & Inspire journey by first taking a look inwards, connecting with your unique communication gifts,
and harnessing them to own the power of your voice.

Highlights include:

Why language is one of the most powerful connectors on the planet (as well as one of the quickest disconnectors), and how your voice is the doorway to your greatest needs and desires.
Discover a simple tool to measure the power your voice so you can quickly tell just how much of an impact you’re having on the people you engage with.
Master the art of enrollment and understand how to carefully formulate your words to create value in the lives of everyone that comes in contact with you.
Use the Mirror Exercise to help you uncover your authentic voice, allowing you to connect with others on a much deeper level than ever before.
Understand the essence of a truly heart-thumping, soul-stirring story, and how to craft a mesmerizing story (even if you don’t think you have a story share) that will touch the heart of any listener, leaving them more inspired and motivated.
Experience a powerful, life-shifting visualization that will help you discover what your life mission truly really is, and give you the fuel to accelerate you on your journey on crafting your legacy.
And so much more.
Part 2: Defining Your Listener’s Experience
(7 Days)
How well are your words landing with your listeners? In this part, Lisa will give you a framework that will help you identify every aspect of the people you want to touch so you know how to connect with your audience at a heart-level and inspire them to take action.

Highlights include:

A simple technique that liberates you from fear, anxiety, brain fog, and other ‘inner blocks’ holding you back from communicating with effortless clarity and confidence.
How to define the impact you want to leave on people. Doing this automatically unlocks a new level of passion and conviction for the causes that matter to you.
Discover the crucial difference between being confrontational and being “care-frontational”, and how a minor shift in intention can diffuse and heal any communication tension you may have with the people you care most about.
Experience a powerful exercise that quickly pinpoints the kind of communication you want to impart – whether it’s informational, motivational, or transformational.
Learn how to go far beyond just educating, towards inspiring and captivating your listeners (this is how you get people to pay more attention to you).
And so much more.
Part 3: Muscle Developed Through Action
(12 Days)
In this third part, Lisa trains you in a wide range of her most powerful communication techniques for becoming a more persuasive, charismatic, and engaging communicator.

Highlights include:

Learn how to get your listener to trust and open up to you by creating a “safe environment” free of judgment or repercussion.
Three techniques that transform your listener from passive to active, allowing you to immerse them even deeper into your words and perspectives.
Start using your body language to strengthen your message and amplify the impact of your words. Often, it’s the smallest of gestures that can make the biggest difference in how well your message is received.
Use the “Echo, Repeat, Respond” technique to instantly create a space where your listener feels they are an active part of your conversation. This is the key to building trust and loyalty.
Master the art of “Verbal Highlights” to create emphasis on vital elements of your message, grabbing your listener’s attention, and keeping them hooked from start to finish. (You’ll also be busting important myths about what many people think is needed to hold people’s attention.)
Get trained in “The Pregnant Pause” technique, and learn why sometimes silence can be more impactful than a stream of well-crafted words. (This may be one of the most risky techniques you’ll learn – but when you nail it, you can amplify the impact of your words by at least 10x).
And so much more.
Part 4: Speaking to 1 to 100
(5 Days)
In the final stretch of this Quest, you’ll learn how to tie all the techniques you’ve learned together and how to incorporate it into any talk, speech, or presentation you give for massive impact. This applies for both public speaking and non-public speaking environments.

Highlights include:

How to engage and persuade your listener to take any action you want (use this power responsibly!).
Discover 6 simple ways to strengthen your bonds with your loved ones through the power of communication.
How to stay true to your uniqueness and authenticity while also influencing people from all walks of life.
How to dramatically elevate the impact and stick factor of your communication through music and other sensory stimulations (great for presentations and speeches).
And so much more.



Mindvalley : Lisa Nichols - Speak & Inspire