Music Protest Composing with Jazz Loops in Cubase


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Music Protest Composing with Jazz Loops in Cubase
Music Protest Composing with Jazz Loops in Cubase
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Are you curious about composing jazz-oriented tracks in your studio? If you’re a Cubase user and you’re interested in learning about combining authentic jazz harmony with loops to produce jazz-oriented music then this course will give you a 360 degree view of doing that in Cubase. Rapidly 🙂
In this course, you’ll learn:
•Authentic jazz harmony (chord progression)
•Tips for finding jazz loops built into Cubase
•Developing a jazz drum beat
•Creating your own sample-based instrument in Cubase
•Tips for arranger tracks and automation
•Mixing and pre-mastering your track
This course offers any Cubase enthusiast an opportunity to expand your skills and practice composing and mixing audio. For jazz enthusiasts, this course offers a quick reference for using modern software music compositional tools to create a jazz-oriented track quickly and authentically. Thanks for checking out my course and I wish you great success with your upcoming project :). As always, I’m available to answer questions – just ask!
Project Description
Now that you’ve assembled your initial jazz production in Cubase, I’d encourage you to dig deeper and make these tips and best practices your own by completing the following steps:
Revisit the downloadable Cubase project and re-mix or re-edit it to your tastes.
•Add/remove loops
•Re-mix add/remove FX
•Create different arrangements
Or, try to build your own jazz foundation from scratch using:
•MediaBay loops
•Sampler presets
•Arranger tracks
•Chord tracks (Create your own harmony)
Cubase makes it easier than ever before to create new tracks from scratch. Once you’ve created your own edit or mix, share it here! Sharing your work and discussing it with others is