N. K. Jemisin Teaches Fantasy & Science Fiction Writing


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N. K. Jemisin Teaches Fantasy & Science Fiction Writing
N. K. Jemisin Teaches Fantasy & Science Fiction Writing | 5.33 GB

The winner of the Hugo Award for three consecutive years for her Broken Earth trilogy, N. K. Jemisin has sold millions of copies and created new cultures and histories.

Now the acclaimed science fiction and fantasy writer is teaching you how to create a world from scratch, develop compelling characters, and get published. Build your craft and share your voice with inclusive fiction that reflects your experience.

N. K. Jemisin’s fiction includes a wide range of themes, notably cultural conflict and oppression. She has received several honors for her work, including the Locus Award. In August 2018, her Broken Earth trilogy made her the first author to win the Hugo Award for Best Novel in three consecutive years. In each of her novels, she creates new worlds, new magic systems, new histories, and new cultures.

This online class includes lessons on:
– Elements of Worldbuilding
– Macroworldbuilding
– Microworldbuilding
– Conceiving the Culture and People
– Power Dynamics & Cultural Appropriation
– Inventing Science & Magic
– Research
– Immersing Your Reader: Choosing a POV
– The Psychology of Characters
– Demographics, Outer Life, and Inner Life
– The Character Arc
– How to Publish Your Book
– How to Find a Literary Agent
– Surviving the Literary Marketplace
– Writing While Marginalized