Paul Sellers – Working Wood 1 & 2 (Full)


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Paul Sellers - Working Wood 1 & 2 (Full)
Paul Sellers – Working Wood 1 & 2 (Full 7-DVDs) | 9.5 GB

The 7-volume DVD set includes:
Lifelong woodworker Paul Sellers teaches you to efficiently shape wood using traditional hand tools. Youll learn simple, fast shaping methods for making completed projects such as bowls, spoons, and stools.

Paul takes you step-by-step through skills and techniques historically used for training artisan apprentices; yet, in just a few days you will readily understand properties of working wood with hand tools.

Working with award-winning filmmakers, Paul has created a new apprenticeship for training woodworkers of every skill level.

You will master the housing dado, dovetail, and mortise and tenon joints using only ten basic hand tools. Paul shows you how to use each tool to their full potential and demonstrates the construction of each joint.

Paul Sellers teaches you to make a completed Shaker-inspired box using intricate dovetailed joints, precise planing techniques, and the importance of layout procedure.

Master Housing Dadoes continues to focus on traditional joinery skills. Paul teaches you a number of techniques to master Housing Dadoes. Youll have the ability to make a range of elegant bookcases through Pauls instruction, which develops the key elements learned in Woodworking Essentials 1 and Woodworking Essentials 2.

In Master Mortise and Tenons, youll master the hand-cut, haunched Mortise and Tenon joint and create an heirloom-quality, solid oak side table. You will learn how to edge-joint a tabletop, and become skilled in spokeshave techniques such as shaping arches and refining legs. Youll also learn Pauls reliable surface-finishing techniques to complete your table.

Paul Sellers continues to reinforce the essential concepts of the previous four DVDs. You can then apply these principles in many future projects.

In Master European Workbenches, youll use the Mortise and Tenon, housing joints and elements youve learned in the six previous DVDs to build a sturdy European Workbench using locally sourced wood.

Without requiring a bench to work from, Paul Sellers gives practical solutions to chopping mortises and making tenons, laminating the benchtop and more. Youll cut strong joints by hand, giving your bench the stability needed for a solid work center. You can customize your workbench to a size that suits you, and add fitted drawers and vices. You can then apply the elements learned to many projects in the future.

In Master Sharpening Paul Sellers teaches you his remarkable methods that guarantee surgically sharp cutting edges every time, and saws that slice through wood like butter.

Sharpness is the most important skill all woodworkers must master to work wood effectively using hand tool methods. Following Pauls methods ensures that edge-tool sharpening takes no more than two minutes.





Paul Sellers - Working Wood 1 & 2 (Full)


Paul Sellers - Working Wood 1 & 2 (Full)