Ray Edwards – The Clarity


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Ray Edwards - The Clarity
Ray Edwards – The Clarity | 2.3 GB

The Clarity Course – Your Simple Blueprint To Create A Life You Love. Generate Revenue NOW! Even if you have NO list, NO product, and NO CLUE what to do!

Do you ever find yourself wondering.
“What is my purpose? What is my mission on this planet? What is the nature of my business? What is my niche? What is my message? I need clarity on what to do, how to do it, when, and where.”
You’re not alone!
The Clarity Course is for you!

If you need a Kingdom-based business system based on Kingdom values.
If you want a business plan rooted in the wisdom of God.
If you want strategy and tactics prophetically delivered to you by God through the Holy Spirit.
If you want your faith renewed and your hope restored, and your joy given back to you.
If you want to receive miracles in your body and in your business.
If you want to receive wisdom from God for your business and your life every single day.

When You Enroll In The “Clarity Course.”

You can enter with NO plan, NO idea, NO list, NO product, NO CLUE what to do, and leave with a simple, easy to understand, custom-created blueprint showing you every step you need to take next to make your dream life your real life.
You’re going to get total clarity on your purpose, your mission, your market, your message, and you’re going to walk out with a 12-month action blueprint showing you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and how to know if it’s working.
Here’s What You’re Going To Learn:

Discover Your Purpose & Calling
Relationship Building Break
Mission Control: Crafting Your Mission to Boldly Go
Your Vision: Create Your Compelling Future
Your Impossible Goal & How to Achieve It By Failing
The Rejection Elimination Training
​How to 10x Your Results by Working 1/4 the Hours
The Most Productive 15 Minutes of Your Life (Break)
The First Hour Miracle: (NOT a Morning Routine!)
The Free Marketing Miracle: Message, Market, Mass Distribution
The “Compress Decades Into Days” Formula
The Ultimate Accountability System






Ray Edwards - The Clarity