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Rj - Rich Jerk Program
Rj – Rich Jerk Program | 5.89 GB

Hey Loser! I bet you’ll NEVER make money like me.
Because I’m an internet multi-millionaire, and I’m better than you. Let’s get something straight.
If you haven’t made money online by now, IT’S YOUR FAULT. In fact, I guarantee that most of the people reading this right now will never make a dime.

Because they’re just too fuckin dumb! No cars. No yachts. No mansions. No chicks. And I’m so sick of all these touchy feely guru assholes who say you can “manifest” money with positive thinking. Well guess what Einstein? That shit doesn’t work.

Or how about the guys up on stage at some stupid seminar saying you just need to “TAKE ACTION?”

They make me wanna puke.

I do the opposite of what they say and I make millions.
And to the people who say money can’t buy happiness?

Well. I’m pretty fuckin happy!
So who am I?

Well unlike those other boners, I prefer to keep my name anonymous.

Let’s just say I’m the guy you see rolling down the street in a Lambo.

With a hot blonde in the passenger seat.
Giving me road-head

And you hate my guts!
But you also wanna BE me.
The problem is, you don’t know what I know. Yet.

Listen, your pathetic life is about to change because I’m gonna GIVE you access to all of my dirty little secrets.

Just to see what you’ll do with it.
Chances are, you won’t do jack shit.
But. maybe you’ll surprise me.
I’m gonna show you EXACTLY how I make my millions online.
Without any complicated bullshit.
It’s so easy.
.even a retard can do it.

But women.
They probably won’t understand it.
And while we’re on the subject of who I don’t want to talk to. if you’re an old fart, you should leave too.

Because if you haven’t made money by 65, you’re a lost cause grandpa.
Just go back to the nursing home and have someone change your diaper or whatever.

Now, if you’re still here, pay attention.

Because I’m going to reveal EXACTLY how to make MASSIVE income online.

All you have to do is COPY me. I’ve helped thousands of losers like you.
Anyway, let’s get to it, cuz I don’t have time for this shit.

Rule # 1
Go Where the Money Already Is.
I make BANK from two of the largest websites in the world – Facebook and Google.

Google gets 3.5 Billion searches EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Facebook has 936 Million users EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Even a small piece of that pie is worth HUGE money.
And I grab my piece in a way that nobody else does.
My method is SIMPLE. It’s GENIUS. And it’s EVERGREEN.

This is not some stupid “hack” or loophole.
This is long-term.

You’re gonna be pissed off that you didn’t figure this out sooner, because its been quietly sitting there right in front of you for years.

Rule # 2
Copy a Person Who Is Already Successful.
If you try to figure things out yourself, you’re an idiot.

My success has always been based on modeling other successful people.
and then putting my own unique twist on it.
That is how to get rich.

Rule # 3
You Are Not Your Past.
Even though you’ve been a loser up until now, you can change that at any time and wipe the slate clean.

Something brought you here today – you’re not satisfied with something.

The question is, are you gonna do anything about it?
Probably not. but some people WILL.

Rule # 4
Winners Do What Losers Aren’t Willing To Do.
I made my first $100k online 15 years ago, all in ONE DAY.

But it took me 9 months of work, leading up to that 6 figure payday.

While you were farting around, I was pulling all-nighters, trying to figure out how to make big money.

There was nobody showing me the way.
There was no “system”.
But failure wasn’t an option for me.
And I made it BIG.
My system is ONLY for people who are ready to take a chance on themselves.
Whiners and cry-babies get outta here.

Rule # 5
You Are EXACTLY Where You Want To Be.
In 1999, a man named Stuart K. Robinson told me that.

Once I wrapped my head around the idea, it became the most important phrase of my life.
Because we are all exactly where we want to be.
If your life sucks, ITS YOUR FAULT.



Rj - Rich Jerk Program


Rj - Rich Jerk Program