Rocket Memory – Ryan Levesque


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Rocket Memory – Ryan Levesque

Rocket Memory - Ryan Levesque
Ryan Levesque – Rocket Memory
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What is Rocket Memory all about?
By Ryan Levesque

Improving the Performance of Your Brain:
My purpose and focus for the past ten years has been teaching people how to upgrade the performance of their brain.
It’s what I do all day every day.
And at Rocket Memory there are two primary ways my team and I do that through the courses and programs we offer:
Upgrading Your “Biological Hardware”
First, we show people how to upgrade their Biological Hardware – by improving the health and performance of your mental machinery – your brain – through things like super foods and dietary supplements.
Upgrading Your “Mental Software”
And second, we show people how to upgrade their Mental Software – by using little-known mental techniques, strategies, and tactics to do things like dramatically improve your memory.
How “School” Messes with Your Mind:
You see, when it comes to memory our assumptions about how we learn and remember are shaped largely by our years spent in school.
And for most of us, that means an antiquated educational system dating back 150 years to the Industrial Revolution.
Because here’s the thing:
When you sit at desk at school for six hours a day, 180 days a year for 12 years (not even counting college or grad school), it powerfully convinces us that learning and memory is all about books, reading, and taking notes.
And that language and writing is necessary for your brain to remember.
But the thing is this:
Your brain doesn’t think in terms of WORDS, instead it thinks in terms of IMAGES.
And your ability to memorize is only limited by your ability to visualize.
I tell people when it comes to memory, if you take away just one thing from talking with me, it should be these 9 simple words:
*When you can VISUALIZE it, you can MEMORIZE it.
Remember More Faster& Cut Your Study Time in Half…
Permanently retain what you learn, and cut your study time in half…
Learn to construct “mental databases” in your brain to memorize virtually anything, including:
Historical dates, facts & figures…
Detailed mathematical proofs, trigonometric identities, & differential equations…
Scripts, speeches, & monologues…
Foreign languages…
And even the contents of entire books…
(I know this sounds crazy, but believe me this IS a skill that can be learned…)
Reclaim Your Memory & Unlock Hidden Mental Potential
Even if you’re a “Chronic Name Forgetter” or the “Poster Child for Poor Memory”…
Finally, learn how to properly organize your thoughts and memories…
Rewire negative mental habits…
Overcome problems with attention (Without having to medicate yourself…)
Regain self-confidence in your ability to learn…
Identify your natural mental strengths…
Improve your focus, concentration, & attention…